Bald man protests against bots

Oh, so you are just ignoring the other posts and cherry-pick? Ok, I’ll do the job for you:

Are you seriously complaining that Asmon “lagging” the server is equally serious as a swarm of bots? Do you really believe that Asmon inviting people, who where not casting any spells by the way, causes more lag than 50 druids all casting starfall?

Conversely, You are such a hater that you are blind to the evidence, all just to say “boo asmongold”

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Normally don’t care about this guy- but if he’s going to use his influence to go to war on the bots in this game, good.

Bots and multi boxers, and other exploiters/gold sellers/etc… are the bane of this game, they ruin it for everyone, and Blizz is so unbelievably toothless that you see this kind of stuff everywhere, all the time, without action.

It’s not like they’re doing some sort of sneaky stuff- they’re out in the open, and that just makes it more discouraging. If Blizz doesn’t even care to deal with the exploiting that’s happening in the open you know they aren’t dealing with all the stuff that’s less obvious.

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Exactly this. Automation is always evolving but it’s too bad most Asmongold supporters can’t see past their almighty asmongold. They think mass protest will solve anything when in reality it’ll just make everything worse. “gotta join muh asmongold party to mass report the bots!”. It’s wouldn’t surprise me if all the reports were automated at this point.


Do you really think having Asmongold invite all his followers into a massive party will fix anything other than cause more server problems? You’re delusional to think Blizzard will drop everything just to ban some bots. Yes, if they do happen to be bots and are flooding the server it can cause issues, but it’s equally bad to invite mass people in the same area and cause MORE server instability.

Why can’t he just report them and move on? Why do you think this is OKAY?


Do you have any evidence that these people here in this thread are asmongold supporters?

No, but I bet you don’t have evidence that all those players you deem are bots were in-fact bots.


He doesn’t. He just acting in a tribalistic manner thinking that others that are in opposition are on the same side.

It extremely obvious to catch bots… just like with aimbotter, their movements and behavior are totally different

Now it is obvious that you are trolling, no one can be that willfully blind to waypoint automation.


I do believe it creates visibility, which may not solve things in itself, but raises more awarenes around the subject matter and incentivizes people to be more proactive.

Why do you say so? Many rights we enjoy today were result from some kind of protest or fight. I’m not condoning violence, but there is no violence here in the video. The people there just gathered there and tweeted videos and screenshots of a real problem.

Oh, so you believe that the reports are automated but a group of 50 druid, all from the same guild, all following a perfect path, all spamming the same spells, are not automated?

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As I said many times and you ignored many times as well, Do you believe that a group of 50 druids, all from the same guild, all following a perfect path, all spamming the same spells are humans?

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At this point this amount of opposition to simple evidence makes me feel like the other person is either being a troll or has a nefarious reason to tolerate such behavior.

I think this person is just commiting the same offense he accuses others of commiting. He claims that we are asmongold simps while being a full-on hater (and I don’t even watch asmon videos lol).

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My point still stands. Nobody should intentionally lag the server for any reason. He should have just report and moved on. Him adding to the server lag makes it worse for everyone. He also promoted harassment of other players regardless if they are bots or not. There is no definite proof they are bots and only Blizzard can make that call. He has too much power and needs to be punished for abusing his power. GM’s are there for a reason. Asmongold isn’t one.


Aha my favorite streamer Asmon fighting a good fight. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Exactly, reminds me of horseshoe political spectrum. Acting in a rabid manner as the people he is decrying.

There’s definitely a weird group of anti-streamer observers that spend more time than anyone on twitch waiting for said streamer to slip up and make a mistake in order to fuel their crusade. Talk about unhealthy obsessions …


It’s called hate watchers. Even funnier is how they have so much time in their life to dedicate to fixate on things they hate.

Like move on and stop dwelling on things that make you mad.

Do you seriously believe that a bunch of people not casting anything and not messing around are causing more lag than a group of druids spamming starfall + sun fire? Sure, my dude.

No, it doesn’t, you just hate him so much that you are trying way too hard to find anything to blame on him.

Already said and ignored again.

So, did you expect the bot guy to say “oh, hi! sorry guys, I was just botting”?

Playing your own game, do you have any evidence that he abuses his power and that should be punished?

No, it really does not.

So much for arguing with logic, I guess?

I’ve seen one video a while back and I didn’t like his use of vulgar language and found him to be intolerable to watch. From my understanding, he is very negative about the game. I’ll take a hard pass.

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