Bad news about Cross RP

(Zandrae) #64

I want to say that the add-on was programmed to not work in battlegrounds. I think it was just a pvpbro basking in the fact that RPers have had their fun spoiled.

(Banrok) #65

Also, if you queue for a random BG, you still couldn’t harass them because the people who que’d up are likely not in the same community with the add on running and connected.

So really that argument falls flat.

(Kelsuwä) #66

Really is disappointing to see this happen. And as for the PvP thing as an RPer who happens to PvP I can attest I’ve never once seen cross rp used to throw matches or win them by abuse either. It’s not possible at all truly. Hell as stated Bnet groups and Discord already exists for people lame enough to do that.

Guess I’ll be waiting for that thread from the mod author to toss in my two cents.

(Kureya) #67

Blizzard is incredibly determined to make sure that we never receive an update this expansion without it being mired im some thorn or trap that ruins someone’s no-harm fun.

(Brittlehold) #68

Do we even know if this change was directed at Cross RP specifically or was it hit because another addon was being naughty and it just got caught in the crossfire?

(Serph) #69

Couple forums I read use other add-ons that broke due to chat API weirdness that usually happens with big patches.

(Zenrao) #70

Yeah there’s no way this is the reason, it makes absolutely no sense, and I can still easily throw matches with my friends if I choose to, through a number of means. The easiest of which being functions that Blizzard put in themselves.

(Kavaina) #71

Exactly. :slight_smile:

(Zenrao) #72

I think if we can point these lapses in logic out, without basically insulting Blizz devs, we can probably get our beloved CrossRP back :heart:

(Zandrae) #73

It’s up.

I’m also gathering information from people and writing a memo about it to support blue. I’m interested in hearing about your positive experiences. In fact, you can probably share them right on the thread.

(Kelsuwä) #74

The thread is up from the author of the addon. Make sure to keep your comments respectful and clean all. Patch 8.1 and Cross-Faction Roleplay

(Zanghif) #75

Looking at the author’s thread, seeing mostly support and good experiences with it. So maybe it was just a whoops on Blizzards part. Here’s hoping.

(Azhaar) #76

The giant chorus of support in that thread is heartening.

Maybe I’m just an old sourpuss but as hard as Blizzard has doubled down on not listening to or trying to understand their own customers, I can’t muster a lot of faith that they’ll walk this back. I still hope, though. This addon was fantastic and we need it back.

(Fallynn) #77

Man that thread has a ton of support so fast… Wow. Hopefully we’ll be heard.

(Sarestha) #78

I’m optimistic (big surprise there, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: ) . I think that we’re getting a lot of support, and a lot of common sense reasons from both a gameplay and lore perspective as to why this is fun.

It’s been a big asset to the RP community, and like the sharding issue, I suspect Blizzard may respond to it positively. I certainly am optimistic enough to hope, at least.

(Azhaar) #79

I am proud of how positive the tone of that thread has been. That’s definitely a good sign.

I’ve often thought that part of the reason Blizzard is so unresponsive to player requests is that they get inundated with so much aimless vitriol that useful criticism starts to sound like more of the same. I hope that a big concentration of upbeat and constructive requests like that thread will actually sway them where complaints don’t.

(Zandrae) #80

The link was spread across every thread about cross-rp and every wow rp oriented discord right away.

I wonder if there are people in the EU too.

(Versca) #81

I never took advantage of cross realm RP but it’s a real bummer it got hosed, I hope it will be fixed :frowning:

(Adraenon) #84

Just tossing my two cents into this. When Blizzard constantly shows us NPCs communicating cross faction, I mean just play warfront and you’ll have both commanders talking trash about each other no issue, but to deny that ability to players it kinda just feels off.

Like yes there’s the risk of people using it to be nasty but the same could be said about literally every way of communication in this game, like wise that issue is by no means exclusive to opposing factions. Be it trade, a random battle ground, ect, I’ll semi-often see someone being nasty or just trying to aggravate people.

Finally coming to the Cross RP addon itself, the author, as stated, built in a plethora of fail safe-ish features to help keep the addon from being abused, disabled in BGs, manually opt in, only works on RP realms , ect. The addon was built to make sure it was used by people just wanting to have some fun across faction lines.

Which leads me to figure this is a oh so famous case of Blizzard being fun police, can’t have any harmless fun in their games it seems.

(Zandrae) #85

I feel like this isn’t an issue of cross faction but a casualty of an unrelated design choice.