Bad news about Cross RP

(Cannibal) #43

That’s pretty stupid.

(Sarestha) #44

There’s gonna be some REALLY popular multiboxers out there. Mark my words.

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Edited for sake of chill.

(Zandrae) #46

Too much effort.

(Cannibal) #47

Has anyone found an easier way to tell whose alts are who? I’m relying on logs I kept from the old forums.

(Sarestha) #48

Yeah someone liked my post like 11 times so I thought I’d join in… and I got to alt #5 before I was like “Meh, this takes too long.”

(Sarestha) #49

I could never actually tell whose alts were who… so it’s all news to me!

I’m Sarestha, Crazyprophet, Verlinnea and Harrigan.

And numerous other alts. But I think that’s who I’ve actually posted on.

Oh, and Malverlain is another one. I think those are the only 5 I’ve ever posted on at all.

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Edited for sake of chill.

(Zandrae) #51

I’ve got something like 90 characer slots on WRA. I don’t know what to do with myself. It would take ages to cycle through that.

(Sarestha) #52


I don’t mean to pry, so don’t answer if it’s too personal or anything, but as a non-multiboxing-altoholic… I have to ask… Do you manage to find the time to RP all of your alts? Or do you just like the freedom of having them?

I have a full list on the one account, and most of my alts are fairly dormant in terms of RP D:


I can barely handle two RP characters at once. People who can juggle between even 5-6 characters/guilds are godlike to me.

(Shutakeshi) #54

I suppose if cross rp can’t be restored people can still dock the chat tab from a community to their in-game tab for some events. People would just be using the AOL style of rping where emotes were between ** and say would either be Character name: message here or between “”.

(Swifts) #55

Ugh… that is total garbage. Call me salty, I totally am now. Plus I seriously feel bad for neutral guilds… and now the Winterfall thing and all of those are screwed again, so that’s nice.

I’m going to go and angrily eat my cereal now. This is so blegh. Hope they’ve got a good reason for this other than “oh, just because, you know. Because.”

(Shutakeshi) #56

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this action was aimed more at some addon that was facilitating world quest groups (as they killed WQDF). I feel like cross rp was probably a blip on the radar compared to Blizzard not wanting people to group up to do world quests faster. Didn’t patch 8.1 also impede on using raids to take down certain world quest bosses?

(Zandrae) #57

Many of my characers are interlinked and they come in and out of play as storylines happen. I can have many on at once and in Discord RP many may be in the same space. So they do get attention but it is heavily plot driven and partially, “What do we want to play today?” Yesterday I brought out the rangers so they could practice and some guild griefed their firing line.

I’ve been DMing for years and I’ve always had this problem of an ever-growing stable of characers I write.

Before wow, in our homebrew setting, our heroes would go somewhere and typically they’d meet an NPC who gave them information about the place. On the fly I’d develop a character framework. Someone who does a thing, and got this kind of personality and this quirk. The players would ultimately make me name the character. Then they expected to see that characer in place again. Sometimes I logged in the next day and one of our artsy people had found something about the characer that resounded with them and suddenly art of some random bartender or mage mentor is in my inbox. Repeat ad nauseum.

The same happens in World of Warcraft. NPCs that have been made as throwaway for plots wind up being not killed or sent off to happily ever after. Or they wind up being recurring. Eventually these characers become fully developed people with avatars.

I keep track of characers by sorting them into groups.

For example, Phoenixfall:

This is stuff I can remember off the top of my head.

  • Iviaen is a jovial chubby blood elf mage who, when grievously wounded by the Scourge cauterized his own wounds. He has a candy making business on the side and likes to cook—it makes people happy, so he’s happy. He is part of Phoenixfall, an organization specializing in hunting down, neutralizing, and storing artifacts. At this point he’s asexual and aromantic. He’s married to his job and he’s happy that way.

  • Dalaen is an athletic blood elf warlock with glasses. He styles his hair like a pharoh, wears jewelery and beads from uldum, and he likes all of the fancy finer things in life. He’s a Phoenixfall tinkerer and kind of a snarky jerk with a heart of gold. He has the ability to summon demons but rarely does unless he has a need for heavy lifting or an extra set of eyes to research something. He prefers to just solve problems with fire and explosives. He’s asexual and aromantic, just give him some wine and no one gets hurt. Former roommate of Iviaen. People ship them but they are funny platonic best friends like Turk and JD in Scrubs.

  • Wendaria is the director of the Reliquary vault Phoenixfall. She’s a Grandmamagistrix. No, not grand magistrix, grandma magistrix. She’s an eccentric little old mage lady with square glasses and an updo who flirts with handsome older guys when they visit and lives in a hole in the ground (the vault) in some remote area of Quel’thalas. She’s really powerful, knowledgeable, and wise which kind of comes with her age. She sees potential in everyone, even misfits,so that’s what she employs. It’s rare to see her in action, the last time she saw combat she used an amplification artifact to increase her own magic to the point she cratered a small keep previously used to perform experiments on unwilling subjects.

  • Rath is a priest rescued from an evil organization that plays god. He was made by them, it’s complicated. He was trained and used as an assistant to help do experiments and was an experiment himself. He’s got a lot if baggage to work through and is an ornery healer. When he was a teenager his keepers took him with them to Booty Bay. He fell in love with the parrots and wanted one. He eventually got the parrot always wanted, just not how he wanted it. Merged via arcane and druidic magic with a scarlet macaw, he sometimes has bright and colorful plumage and is the butt of every cracker joke imaginable. He lives at the vault, in the middle of nowhere, where no one cares if he has colorful wings. He’s working on his survivor’s guilt and repentance for the horrible things he was made to do. He was not in Quel’thalas for the fall, in fact he’s technically Quel’dorei but his eyes are slowly turning. But again he’s in a vault in a remote area and no one cares.

  • Fung Wong Fo is a firebending and healing Pandaren archaeologist field agent. Jovial, friendly, thinks that the elves are starving and tries to feed them when visiting the vault. He seems like a genuinely good sort of guy that lifts up other people. His origins have yet to be fully explained. He might also secretly be a red dragon, I don’t quite know yet.

  • Acorah on the other hand is a half-corrupted bronze whelp on the run from the bronze dragonflight. His egg was corrupted, he didn’t have much choice in the matter. He has adept level mage skills and uses a bit if bronze magic as a show when he does rune-based fortune telling for people. He’s hiding in Quel’thalas where he’s a magical needle in a haystack. Phoenixfall is working to try and cure him of his corruption. He often appears as entertainment at parties I attend: People like fortune-telling. I use a virtual rune spread app to draw runes and try to figure out how they relate to the characer. I’ve been in voice chat before and have heard people get low key weirded out by his accuracy when he’s making wild guesses.

  • Westalen is Wendaria’s apprentice, an inventive nerd technomage. Like many young Blood Elves coming of age currently, he lost his family to the scourge. He was a difficult ward of the state mage in training, crass and wild. When he was being assigned a mentor to take him in and tame him into a proper mage, Wendaria fought to take control of his training and won. She has opted not to traditional training but to embrace him as he is and let him learn on his own. She embraced his quirks as strengths and as a result he is a high potential, dangerously clever, quick witted mageling tinkerer with all the coolest toys. No I mean it, the kid has a blood golem he’s installed a chair in, rides it into battle, and has access to a whole vault if ridiculous artifacts. He’s frequently seen with a staff that mass-polymorphs. He’s been compared to a young Q, James Bond Quartermaster. He’s usually hanging out in the command center of Phoenixfall where he monitors other agents, the vault, and endlessly tinkers in a giant spinny chair.

  • Zandrae was recruited into Phoenixfall. He found the vault when tracking one of his housemates who also works for Wendaria. They had a choice to kill him or recruit him and they couldn’t really kill the landlord of several others employed by Wendaria. He did have people vouch for him. He helps with healery and meatshieldy things. He and Westalen hardcore nerd things up on his rare visits, much to Rath’s dismay.

I do this for every cluster of characers and then do cast calculus.

(Kulgorak) #58

Made an attempt to tweet at the Blizzard CS this morning and it’s pretty much on the author to explain whats going on it seems. So all people can really do is wait and see what the writer says.

(Altherei) #59

I’m really trying to stay optimistic- like a lot of folks here, I run a cross-faction community. I woke up to this this morning and the wind just came right outta my sails. While I doubt it was a direct response to RPers (we seem to be a frequently ignored group), it’s still a kick in the teeth. Hopefully someone is able to come up with a solution, because they can pry my cross-faction RP from my cold, dead hands. >_>

(Vynix) #61

The addon’s dev is going to be making a formal statement to Blizz on the official forums here somewhere. Keep an eye out for that and support them.
I understand that Blizzard has never given a sh*t about the RP community at large, but they are sinking their own ship when a lot of us only pay them money TO ROLEPLAY.
There were many people discussing what game to leave for yesterday, quite seriously. Blizz’s stocks are dropping as it is. Stop ruining what little we have and just let us play. It has built in safety measures so it wasn’t abused in raids/PvP.

(Zandrae) #62

I hopped on the Wyrmrest Discord Twitter account and tweeted as well asking if it was intentional, gave a but of information, and lamented about not being able to hold an impromptu cross-faction holiday party.

No response.

(Kavaina) #63

Someone in this thread was saying the addon was being abused to throw battlegrounds and other pvp things, and honestly that’s not hard to do thanks to all the already available in game communications thanks to bnet communities. The addon wasn’t really changing anything in that aspect - if people want to throw battlegrounds they don’t need an addon to do it.