Bad news about Cross RP

(Taurusstrong) #1

I got a bad news from some people. Blizz has killed off CrossRP, rending it unusable for any RPers. Another great thing Blizz decided to ruin.

EDIT: Also, I don’t want to spread negativity, I just want to warn you all about it.

(Ellivara) #2

Edited for sake of chill.

(Fortea) #3

…Why tho

(Cannibal) #4

The Cross RP discord server is on fire right now.

(Taurusstrong) #5

Oh yes. LITERALLY on fire.

(Mellee) #6

Back before Legion Warlocks could talk cross-faction by speaking Demonic. I dunno if Demon Hunters can but some very lazy googling says they could at some point and I think void elves still can? I almost wish Blizz would commit to one side or the other just so things like this wouldn’t happen.

(Azhaar) #7

Pandaren can still talk cross-faction.

Void and blood elves can.

Blizzard has no idea what they’re doing, or why.

(Ellivara) #8

There are so many examples of these races/classes being -able to do this-. Unless this Addon was doing something it wasn’t supposed to do that we weren’t aware of, breaking the ToS somehow, or Blizzard ‘accidently’ did this, there’s no logical reasoning behind this change here.

I’ve lost a lot of respect for Blizzard, here. My respect is borderline zero. The only thing keeping me around is the one friend I interact with occasionally - not this growing dumpster-fire of a game.

(Fortea) #9

The Dev of CrossRP is gonna make a megapost about it I think when it’s posted go and support that thread.

Let’s keep our t*ddies in a row until then.

(Zenrao) #10

I run a guild reliant on this addon, but I’m going to urge people not to make duplicate threads, or get too overtly nasty towards Blizzard. Not a good way to get it changed. I understand the frustration. I mean, good god, believe me. I do. But don’t throw in the towel. Remain positive, and keep an eye out for Blue’s (the creator) post on the GD forums.

(Azhaar) #11

Somebody please link that thread when it goes up. I avoid the General forums like the plague they are, but I’ll make an exception for that.

(Ursuola) #12

I think the current tally is:

  • Pandaren (added in MoP)
  • Demon Hunters (added in Legion)
  • Void Elves (added in BfA)

It’s not really much of a restriction when they’ve been subverting it for years.

(Taurusstrong) #13

So far, I heard that Blue is making a post about it, not sure if it’ll be here or in General.

(Mellee) #14

Even a Story Forum regular like me who never mutes Trade Chat avoids General.

(Sarestha) #15

My hope is that they’ll remove the limitation entirely, and just give everyone a variant of common. That’s what I headcanon in lore anyway… we all seem to understand each other. Somehow.

(Taurusstrong) #16

…Oh dear, what happened now?

(Ellivara) #17

Just let everyone speak Common and Orcish when not PvP marked. Problem solved. Boom. They should pay me.

(Mellee) #18

Nothing in particular, but I’ve found general to be the rambling, wildly contradictory, off-the-rails dumpster fire everyone warns about places like the story forum or trade chat being. Sometimes I’ll venture over when I hear something big happened, but most of the time discretion is the better part of valor.

(Taurusstrong) #19

Yeah, General is basically a Trade Chat of this forum.

(Mellee) #20

It’s Trade but worse because most of the headache inducing stuff in General isn’t actually ban-worthy.

EDIT: Checked general, I already regret it.