Bad news about Cross RP

(Feyahni) #86

So Ion says breaking CrossRP wasn’t done deliberately to target the addon but instead to fill security holes that other malicious code could exploit in regards to manipulating community chats. They won’t restore CrossRP’s functionality, but Ion did say they’re going to implement an in-game solution…something many have been asking about for longer than CrossRP has even been around.

He says they will put something called an elixir of tongues, or something named accordingly, into the game that can be bought for a few gold in a place like the Dalaran underbelly that allows players to drink it to understand the opposite faction. This way only consenting parties will be subjected to the opposite faction’s communication, and the potions can be stocked up on for RP events or whatnot similar to the way many of us stock up on inky black potions. He added that they are going to hotfix this elixir in potentially as soon as this weekend.

So not the best solution, but still pretty huge to me. Blizzard is finally giving in just a bit to this whole faction communication barrier. And they actually listened to us by featuring a question about CrossRP in their Q&A!

(Kunbo) #87

I get two things from that. Blizzard does take into consideration how the addon is used. Which weighs against the “it violates the ToS” argument so many forum posters use. And Blizzard does recognize the RP community as an important component of their player base.

(Kunbo) #88

PS: If this potion is in the same price range as inky black potion, the teahouse will likely keep a supply on hand to hand out as freebies.

OTOH, I have two concerns. That there may be a cool down longer than the buff. That would squelch it’s usefulness. And that it means opening up cross-faction chat to any random griefer who walks by. Which is not too terribly bad to deal with, just yet another way we’ll get trolled.

(Feyahni) #89

According to information from the other thread on the potion, it’s already been hotfixed into the game. Sold by Fizzi LIverzapper in Legion Dalaran’s Underbelly for 23g a pop. It lasts 1 hour and has no CD.

(Ursuola) #90

“And then, somehow, they got the best possible news about CrossRP.”

(Tamanii) #91

It doesn’t let you communicate via the in game emotes, but you can use asterisks and TRP functionality to essentially do the same thing. It also lacks Crossrp’s whisper capability, which is mildly annoying, but not a dealbreaker.

By the way, now that we have this, perhaps we eventually can get potions that let us speak OTHER languages, maybe?


Or just generally learning languages, permanently! The potion is a nice quick solution but it’d be fun to add questlines or something that could let us learn languages “for real”.

(Tamanii) #93

That was indeed a plan back in beta. It got scrapped, however. Along with Undead and Humans sharing the same language. But hey, they’ve changed stuff before.

I was aiming for something a little less radical. Once you’ve introduced an item that lets you speak common/orcish for an hour, introducing ones to let you speak the less well known languages shouldn’t seem like a technically challenging or potentially problematic leap- especially if the elixers are exclusive.

(Kunbo) #94

Does the elixir allow you to speak/understand all languages - or only the factional lingua franca (Orcish & Common)?

(Banrok) #95

Only in common and orcish, otherwise all the other races languages are still perfect for private conversation.

In other news, Tammya has gone on the record that she’s trying to figure out how to update CRP to accommodate the new elixer, focusing on trying to make /e visible to other CRP users somehow and cross faction profile sharing, though she may need to rely on Bnet friend tags instead of communities.

(Feyahni) #96

She’s already pushed an update to it too. Tammy does some amazing work and doesn’t waste any time.

(Taran) #97

I would love this, I for example have a Night Elf that does know Pandaren ICly but I cannot actually do so in game. Maybe these potions can be a reward for the racial factions? For example get exalted with Tushui Pandaren, unlock the options to buy potions to speak Pandaren?