AV Premade cheating/exploiting

You’ve already shown in multiple other threads that you’re an alliance shill that has no idea wtf you’re talking about

Horde can NOT do the terrain exploit on the marshals that you keep conveniently neglecting to address

Oh I get it, you don’t know the goal of AV, oh that’s so sad- to think here you are arguing this whole time and you never figured out how the BG even works.

OK, I’ll give you the short version so you can comprehend. The game ends when one team kills the other team’s boss. If Alliance are better players, they do so first- that’s not an exploit, that’s us being better than you. I know, it’s confusing- the guides all said Horde was ez mode never lose pvp, sorry I had to be the one to tell you that despite Blizz’s extreme bias towards making the Horde the dominant pvp faction, you still have to try.

Here’s an idea- when you reach SH GY at the same time as Alliance, engage them in pvp rather than rushing to Balinda and pulling a bunch of lts while Alliance ride by. Blizz has given you a massive headstart for that very reason- that you’re not using it is entirely on you.

Here’s another idea- you’re not going to kill Vann very quickly if you only have 5 on offense.

And I’m telling you 1) it’s not an exploit and 2) It doesn’t matter.
Get 1 hunter and 1 mage. Pet pull with the hunter with a trap placed to hit warmasters as they run out. Hunter has full aggro. Max range run. Have mage Rank 1 AE to get on the threat table but not pull. Hunter gets max ranged or dies they swap to mage. Mage hits iceblock twice.

I just solved your entire factions IMPOSSIBLE pull.

Also you get to Vann a full minute faster then we can get to Drekk.

Stop crying.

Once again showing a complete lack of knowledge of how AV is horde side, im done talking to you idiots, you’re just a bunch of biased hypocrites.

What the alliance can do is literally IMPOSSIBLE for the horde to do. But keep pretending we just willfully “refuse to do it”

That’s their shtick. Being intentionally dishonest trolls. Don’t feed them please.


Mages can’t move while being immune to damage. Hunters can’t be immune to damage. Maybe they use Limited Invulnerability, but that’s just physical damage, not spells. Horde cannot pull off the pull Alliance do because Horde does not have Paladins… And that’s fine. That’s Classic World of Warcraft.

Here are the exploits in AV:

  1. Warmaster pathing after someone (any class) jumps off waterfall
  2. Faction inbalance / instant Alliance queues resulting in Declining queues until your full premade gets in one match.
  3. Backdooring Alliance base - Two different wall jumps.
  4. Despawning Archers - CC/LoS all the archers to cap flag, then either vanish or run away til you drop combat.
  5. Bots & AFK’ers.

There are a lot of other factors which either lessen or strengthen the degree of these exploits. Currently, Alliance is using a Paladin bubble to ensure they can pull off the pathing exploit. That is why everyone is calling the “Pally pull” a problem. Not because it is an exploit, but because it’s used in order to buy time to pull off a terrain exploit.

This is all you need to know no matter what side of the issue you’re on. A lot of these issues were fixed in future expansions of the game because they presented unfair advantages in the eyes of the developers. And it’s not until Horde got Paladins that they fixed the Paladin role in this issue. Probably because they didn’t realize it was a problem until Alliance still had an advantage even when the Horde had the same class. We have the benefit of knowing these things are problems ahead of time and as such they should be fixed accordingly to promote the spirit of fairness. Pretending it’s 2006 or whatever is helping no one. #nochanges is fine for mechanics of the game. Exploits should still be fixed when they’re blatantly used in the manner they are being used right now.

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Kite? No you can do it too.

Get to Vann? Might wanna send more than 5 on O, but hey, you’d rather turtle and complain when you lose.

Really nothing you can’t do there, you’re just bad. Git gud, reroll or quit- Horde words of wisdom for you on this holy day.

Whats fair and balanced about getting farmed? Youre telling me you havent sat SHGY , refusing the cap it, letting you farm Alliance as they respawn?

Youre telling me youre ignoring the Horde stomping during Phase 2 and how balanced and fair that was?

Youre telling me players chose to be Horde NOT because of their clearly more overpowered racials?


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A 40 vs 40 Solo queue BG, you queue in with a premade. Doesn’t matter who does it, their exploiting the queue system to give an unfair advantage.

Naw, it’s fine, just people queuing and getting into BGs. Sounds fair to me, git gud or reroll.

That’s a lot of fixes… even in current retail version they haven’t fixed it and its why horde win AV retail all the time… I refuse to queue into the garbage and it even has merc mode

And imagine falling for their bait

With the language Blizzard has recently used I see a hotfix coming that’s going to solve some of these issues. I waterfall camp in premade games and every Paladin that comes fumbling out gets reported.

Blizz doesnt care, put your energy elsewhere

Too bad they do huh? Fix coming.

Well here’s how you know this guy is a cry baby. If you think phase 2 was fun in the slightest for alliance being so overwhelmed and even trying to get to an instance taking 30min to a hour of corpse camping usually starting right when you landed at the flight path and we were just supposed to deal with it you’re by no means being unbiased.

It’s still impossible to take my high level alts to any zone to quest like wpl, epl, winterspring, felwood, searing gorge and burning steepes to quest without getting ganked nonstop by horde with still alliance not even farming with how many horde are still out here causing are mats to go up. It’s still going to be horrible come zg and AQ again for ally on a pvp server. If you think a bg is more important to fix then a massive server imbalance too you are for sure part of the problem that brought us into retail changes to begin with. And I have no problem with getting ganked. It’s the massive amount of horde compared to ally in any zone that make it so horde don’t fear jumping anyone. What a joke of a post.

Well, whatever helps you sleep better.

What world are you living in? It’s certainly not reality.