AV Premade cheating/exploiting

Horde can premade and have done so.

All the sudden the game is “unfair” based on your arbitrary rules about world pvp and BGs because you are losing. You sound like a child, seriously.


OP: Phase 2 world pvp “battles” between 40 horde and 5 alliance were perfectly fine.

Also OP: 40 vs. 40 bgs are an abomination because the alliance can premade.

The truth is that both are unfair in varying degrees, but the first was vastly more unfair and most horde just laughed about it when Alliance complained.

So try as I might, I just can’t work up much sympathy.

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Bunch of garbage alliance hypocrites, funny how Alliance win rate was like 10% before this exploit was being used

Bunch of salty losers butthurt about phase 2 just trying to “get even”

no we don’t when all you pve er bads are Qing from Ironforge. Don’t even know why you guys are spamming AV. You can’t even use the gear you get because literally all of you are trashcans.

I’m curious how you guys think Blizzard is supposed to stop AV premades. How can they stop guys who aren’t even grouped together from communicating in discord and agreeing to enter a particular AV?

That’s not supposed to go In your mouth.

Sounds like you’re the butthurt one now- we’re just using the tools we have to win, Horde would absolutely do the same in our shoes and we all know it.

Keep crying, it’s funny to watch the Horde that were so proud of being able to win a 10v1 fall apart against a 40v40 and call that unfair.

Hide the BG #. Done and done. People suggested this on the same day Alliance premades became a thing. It’s probably as easy as commenting out a single line of code.

I don’t work for Blizzard but I personally could have made this change in less than an afternoon.

They’re incompetent, and worse, ineffective. The ‘graveyard honor camping’ change proves it indisputably.

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Alright- that’s fair. I agree that could be done. But there were things that could have been done (e.g. faction-specific queues) to address the phase 2 imbalance in favor of horde, and they were not done. And I very distinctly recall the horde on this board just saying “deal with it, you babies” when allies asked for that.

So it would be wrong at this point for Blizzard to change the code from the way it was in Vanilla to benefit a faction, when they didn’t do it when it was alliance guys who couldn’t even play the game outside of afking in their cities because whenever they tried to level or use their gathering professions or go to an instance they got mercilessly camped by the same horde now getting beaten by premades in AV.

I would note that horde don’t always face premades, though- often they face 15 man ally squads at the start and get easy wins. The alliance never had that luxury during phase 2 - they always got camped when they stepped out in the world.

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So we go from horde complaining about getting stomped in AV to getting stomped in WSG (which is already happening to an extent). Nobody asked for 1.12 AV, and the announcement thread is full of people saying it was a bad decision.

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Don’t try to justify AV being broken by saying you got farmed phase 2. No one cares. At all.

I told you guys before P2 hit it was going to be cancer but no one wanted to listen. The problem wasn’t faction imbalances, it was the fact that servers have 10x the amount of people on them. Which was obviously an issue anyone realized while farming and constantly having to contest quest mobs.

Yes, blizzard should have realized that. But it’s too late and been too late. They gave you PvP to PvE transfers if it bothers you so much. Or go transfer to heartseeker. No more crying though.

Lets just fix AV so that we have an actual PvP instance that PvPers can go to to grind honor. Why is that controversial? What we have now is trash.


These salty alliance dont care about making the game fair and balanced, they just want to lash out at the horde because of phase 2


Yes, no one cared on horde. Everyone cared on alliance.

Sorry, whatever slight bit of sympathy I might have had for you and your like is gone. Go ally premades!

In fact, I think I’ll go watch one on Twitch right now.

Case and point

Literally their only agenda is to pee in the hordes cheerios at the expense of the games integrity

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I mean, I hit exalted on my second toon today beating another premade, so sure. Go ally premades!

Lets have cancer for everyone because Alliance players are little babies with hurt feelings. Sure.

I really like the Horde v Alliance war in Classic though. Nice to see it again. Jumping down the opposing faction’s throats is what this game is supposed to be all about. Hate each other! Feed off each others’ struggles! YES! This is the World of Warcraft I miss!

That out of the way… Alliance def. exploitin’.

And nobody cares about you getting stomped in AV now, so grats, you ensured the game would be full of people not caring.

If it makes you miserable, then it’s not trash it’s great. Hey, nobody cares that you’re having a garbage time. :smirk:

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So why did Horde want to lash out at Alliance? You keep whining that Alliance are rightfully eager for Horde tears- why were horde lashing out during phase 2, against nothing? Camping, spamming ‘quit/reroll’, spamming slurs while ignoring the language barrier- exploiting safespotting and numerous bugs to camp players for hours.

What exactly is Horde’s excuse? There is none- so whether it’s Alliance getting revenge on you, or Alliance just having no reason to want Horde’s day to suck- Alliance are already better motivated than Horde were. :smirk:

You ruined the game’s integrity already, we told you what would happen to your queues- you didn’t care, now you suddenly care because you’re too short sighted to see a month ahead even as everyone is telling you what’s coming. That’s your fault, you took a big dump in the sandbox and are now complaining that the sandbox has dump in it.

You decided to be cancer, and now you’re the ones crying- Alliance are fine with the situation now, it’s not ideal, but we’re making the best of it because Blizz sure as hell isn’t coming to our aid. Horde needs to shut up and deal too, or just keep being widdle babies with hurt feelings cuz you can’t win at even numbers pvp. :confounded:

You keep going on about winning in “even number pvp” when literally the entire reason the alliance is winning is from avoiding pvp altogether and terrain exploiting npcs to kill the final PVE boss in a zerg rush while the horde are not able to do the same thing.

How exactly is that you “winning even number fights”

You’re literally exploiting pve to win in 6 mins without doing any pvp

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Yah zero horde stop us ever right? Never have I ever had to kill horde to go south, never had to bust a turtle.

Also ONLY alliance can pull warmasters/marshals out. Infact if you try to do that on Horde side your account gets auto banned and your mom gets slapped in the face.

It also really sucks that it takes 25 minutes for the horde to run STRAIGHT to Vann and alliance spawn inside of Drek’s room.

Such a shame really.