AV Premade cheating/exploiting

This is completely against the spirit of the game, Blizzard’s doctrine of fair play and what a childish (Ion Hazzikostas) way to go about it by completely ignoring the problem.

I can only imagine there’s an obvious faction/player bias going on. There’s so many solutions to fix the problem, and if I’m to believe AV cave farming needed Blizzard to intervene it’s difficult to understand why we’re going on over a month now of one faction being able to exploit the queuing system, stack a 30+ premade raid into Alterac Valley every game, rush across the map, exploit the pathing and pull the final boss in less than 8 minutes.

Within hours of phase 2 releasing the Alliance is throwing themselves to the ground and having tantrums on here till they get Battlegrounds. An entire phase and Battleground content get rushed out months early because of PERCEIVED unfairness & faction unbalance. Where is that Blizzard atm? They seem to have covered their ears.

Cancelled my main/bank account subscriptions. Alot of people already talking about it, I rather play pserver at this point. With Blizzards obvious lacking integrity, why not?


The company has gone downhill ever since they were bought out by Activision. They used to be amazing innovators in PC gaming, but now they are just arrogant buffoons with zero morals. I wouldn’t hold your breath on them fixing it. They will only do something when a lot quit and only if it’s not something they are hardheaded about.


They don’t care. This company has become a shadow of it’s former self and nothing is being worked on or fixed. Blizzard is dead…Activision is who runs this now and they literally ruin everything they touch.


you’re horde, you get world pvp ,alliance get battlegrounds.


I wonder who else out there is stupid enough to think this is a legitimate argument.


Thanks for cheering me up. I love my current AV premades. I did enjoy Phase Two but so many people quit over horde acting like locusts that I can’t help but be happy that it will bring more alliance back to the game.


sad classic is just total garbage
1 or 2 extra month this game will be dead , i guess is what blizzard want,for after selling shadowland , for sure classic really not give a vanilla experience , and i`m a day 1 vanilla player

So many children on the Internet. Hard to have a good take or make sensible arguments on anything when your parents ignored you, the Internet is your babysitter, and you’re a loser.

Justifying exploiting and unfair play as ‘payback’, that’s simply just another level of mental gymnastics and fitting coming from a group of people stuck with a losers mentality.


??? Alliance AV is legit trash lol. Im in one right now as I type this. They didnt go past Stonehearth and were being farmed for honor @ SHGY. No one wants to push, zerg, kill LT’s.

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Coming from the guy that frequently zergs solo players with a group of 5+ then has them get out of the frame so you can take a screenshot of yourself on their dead body and post it on reddit as if to imply you 1v1ed and “totally owned” them.

Horde wants all the advantages of faction imbalance but none of the disadvantages.


Keep em coming. These Horde tears will create a tidal wave of sympathy…

I’m sure it sucks going up against a premade.

But as alliance it also sucks not being in a premade. For those wondering why not - I’m not trying to rank up nor do I have an epic mount - I just play occasionally for ‘fun’.

My games typically start 15v40. Balinda is dead by the time we get 40. And since all the real alliance PvPers are in premades, my games get a disproportionate number of bots and afkers.

In a good game we can get a team together later on to go farm some lieutenants for a bit of honor. In a bad game I get almost nothing.

The current AV system is only good for premades and sucks for everyone else. Ironic really since premades aren’t supposed to be a thing given no queueing as a group.


Premades aren’t against the spirit of the game, if anything they’re the expectation and that’s supported by Blizz.

It’s true, Blizz loves their Horde, why do you think there’s so many more Horde pvpers that you have half hour queues? Blizz did everything possible to stack the faction- better racials, shammies, a much easier time in wpvp.

They gave Horde zeps super guards, and Ally boats nothing. They let Horde switch continents without flagging, Alliance can’t do that. The bias goes on and on, it’s disgusting and glaring.

Phase 2 should be coming out right now- they gave Horde phase 2 MONTHS earlier than it would have been in Vanilla because of Horde whining. That’s months of favouritism. BGs, compared to phase 2’s start, came out a few weeks early, and likely because Blizz saw a huge influx of unsubs- money matters far more to them than Horde or Alliance and if you don’t realize that I don’t know what to say.

Removing honour for cave camping because Alliance premades started farming Horde in the cave and Horde cried like the babies they are- naturally prompting Blizz to do the fastest patch in history as they rushed to your aid. :smirk:

Have you tried quitting or rerolling? Horde agree it solves all problems.

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Dude says it’s cheating lol. What about horde in every WSG premade doing the wall jump? What about in ph2 having 15 horde camping flight paths? What about running a group of 30 of y’all just till kill one or two alliance trying to run through? Or a group of 5 of us trying to get max honor during that time? Make sure your side of the street is cleaned before you step over to mine.

I agree that the premades are broken, but that’s what we chose to do when picking our faction. We did this in vanilla. Granted, it wasn’t the dumbed down AV. But I ran with one of few groups that KNEW what the meta was back then. And it’s the same as it was then…except you have MASS amounts of people doing it.

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I’m not at that point yet but sail them high seas my friend. Stick it to the man.

There’s no faction imbalance in battlegrounds. It’s 40 vs 40 and it’s solo queue because that’s how it was intended to be played. Anyone in this thread chopping sentences into quotes trying to dissect a justification past that is comprimising themselves as the absolute tool they are.

It’s abusing the queue system and exploiting it for benefit in a manner that breaks Blizzards own ‘fair play’ doctrine. The parameters and rules of AV are clearly established.

There is no ‘join as group/raid’ for AV. High ranking alliance players rank 11/12+ organizing themselves into premade groups, having established strategy and communication prior to entering a BG playing against 40 random cross server Horde players who don’t have the option is cheating and unfair.

It’s bad for queues. It’s bad for the casual Alliance ranker because of the rank gate keeping. It’s bad for pug Alliance players joining dead games. Labelling this a horde gripe only and then excusing the chance of having a balanced fair pvp screnario away with things horde can’t control or illusions of this being ‘payback’ for some poorly thought out theorycrafting of the factions, completely ridiculous and you look like a fool.


Funny how Horde spent months saying there’s nothing fair about pvp and that’s how Vanilla is- but now suddenly have become believers in fair play.

Summed up the Horde perfectly. You want to exploit, cheat and play in the most toxic way possible- but the moment you get your own medicine in any form there’s an endless stream of Horde whining.

Is this gonna be the rest of Classic? Horde crying because you suck when there’s even numbers in pvp?

The ppl in the cave are bots or afk ppl. Who cares about them. They need to fix those ppl first.

Not sure how you expect blizzard to stop premades. They can’t police 3rd party voice programs and teamspeak and vent were around back then.

Guess the only solution would be to force players to join a bg to know which one they are in.