Graveyard Camping in AV Nerfed?

"WoW Classic

  • Alterac Valley
    • Spirit Guides now apply Honorless Target to the players they resurrect.
      • Developers’ note: We observed some behavior in Alterac Valley that can only be described as griefing—a violation of the In-Game Code of Conduct. If this had taken place in original WoW, it would have been seen as either a situation that needed to be fixed preventatively or a circumstance that called for account suspensions. We feel that the preventative solution is the more amicable one."

This is a rather unexpected change for me. Blizzard’s philosophy regarding “PvP Griefing” has always been very clear:
"The actions below, although seen by some as dishonorable, are considered legitimate PvP tactics and will not be addressed by GMs

  • Bluewalling
  • Corpse camping
  • Graveyard camping
  • Ganking
  • Killing lower-level characters
  • Kill stealing
  • Training mobs"

Why is it, then, that you are making this change? This would NOT have been considered griefing or actioned by GMs in the past.

There were tons of things you thought needed to be fixed “preventatively” that never were, and have been added to your “not a bug” list. Why are you being so inconsistent and selective with the changes you make?

It won’t stop this, by the way:


That looks like a lot of Butt hurt ally still smarting from P2.

I also love it. This and P2 stuff is the kind of antagonism that breeds faction pride and bloodlust.


Calling it “griefing” was not the right choice of words. Nobody is getting their account sanctioned for this. It would just be better to say “newly-resurrected players should not be worth honor”.

I very clearly remember doing stuff like Blizzard’ing or Frost Trap’ing graveyards to put newly-rezzed players in combat and/or stymie their ability to mount/exit the graveyard … though I dont recall if they were worth honor.


I agree with the OP. Spawn camping is a legitimate strategy to prevent the opposition from defending their battleground objectives like bunkers/towers and the faction leaders. Need to cap a GY? send people to their spawn to stop them from interrupting the flag cap. Why shouldn’t these kills be awarded with honor points??

Of all the changes to AV Blizzard could make, they specifically chose to address this non-issue. It seems like Blizzard doesn’t want PvP to happen in a BG.

You might as well tag honorless buff to gy spawns in AB and WSG because it happens way more frequently. This is the Blizzard some people want to develop Classic+.

This is an absolute joke of a change and Blizzard you have lost touch with your own game.


what did you expect, blizz has been catering to kiddies and crybabies for years now, that’s how we got retail. its not that they lost touch with the game, its that this is nothing more then a marketing ploy to get customers, but they will always appease the retail babies in the end, as there are more of them. Heck, blizzard originally touted classic as a “warts and all” type thing, but have actually not kept to that when enough ppl cried.

It is stupid they did this change, but not surprising given none of the original crew are there to work on it. its all Retail ppl who are on a classic team. Retail Mentality will leak through every time.


Graveyard camping is not playing the objective. Kill them and cap the graveyard. Intentionally avoiding capping the gy so you can kill them over and over again is unsportsmanlike, plain and simple.

This change, while not preventing this behavior, ensures that the system does not reward such behavior. Seems like a fair change to me.


Where are all the #nochanges trolls now?


Agreed - too bad they didn’t fix the real issue: 1.12 AV sucks, which is why there’s now GY camping.


We got murdered when Blizzard decided to put layering in.


lol … if they want people to play the objectives in AV … LOOLOLOL do I have news for them

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I’ve observed paladin’s glitching out warmasters which is also known as exploiting which ruins the entire match by ignoring objectives.


sounds like people don’t understand how to death walk to another GY. but okay.


It’s a solution to nothing, and easily circumvented if players so do choose.


You are very wrong. Just ask the thousands of griefers banned over WoW’s history. The pvp ruleset you quoted never was intended to apply to BGs.

Youd have a case if they protected open world graveyards, but they didn’t.

And then doubly murdered when they removed layers, causing thousands of Alliance players to quit because of the ridiculous density.

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I’ve observed paladin’s glitching out warmasters which is also known as exploiting which ruins the entire match by ignoring objectives.

ROFL, this statement when talking about the current rendition of AV is laughable, the only objective in the current state of Alterac Valley is Horde constantly turtling and alliance trying to end the game in under 20 min. Oh and you can thank Blizzard for this. LOL…ruins the entire match by ignoring objectives…smh

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Spell Batching
Mob Tagging Broken
Dynamic Guard spawns
Druids being mana drained in form
Non-progressive itemization
1.12 AV

The list goes on and on and on…


The current generation playing this game and “developing” this game are complete wimps.


Who gives a darn anyway, we’ll still camp GYs in AV if we want. We weren’t getting any honor from them after a few kills anyway, so who cares if they make them honorless?


From a single person you’ll get no honor after a few kills, of course there’s 40 people on the other faction and if they start quitting and cycling in new players…