AV is officially dead


The response

If I have to explain Korraks Revenge to you, I would rather not right now. About to go camping…

In a nutshell:

  • classic players begged for early AV
  • blizzard handwaved the players and chose 1.12 because it gave them “clarity”, and some players white knighted, claiming early AV would be too hard to recreate, because blizzard’s dog ate the code
  • AV 1.12, as predicted ended up being a steaming pile
  • Blizzard subsequently creates Korrak’s revenge, seemingly from scratch, uses it for the 15th anniversary in retail modern WoW, for a limited time
  • Classic WoW, the museum piece of vanilla WoW, still does not get to play the 15th anniversary version of AV

edit: to this day, korraks revenge sits gathering dust on a floppy disk somewhere, likely used as a mountain dew coaster.


No, that’s fine, I got the gist of it…also, conveniently for me, “korrak’s revenge” is a fairly unique phrase, so it lends itself well to a google search.

Thank you.

What is worth mentioning though is that korrak’s revenge does not fix any of the problems with AV that people are complaining about. It was both zerged and it’s just as possible for horde to play scorched earth on it.

That’s crazy talk! Why should someone play for objectives? The internet metas say that’s dumb. :stuck_out_tongue:

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90% of Ally players I would say are not playing objectives on AV. while 60% of Horde are playing Objectives, So 60% of horde are recapturing their objectives over the Ally 10%.

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At this point, a better incentive is needed to entice. Reward and punishment both are how MMOs tend to work.

The cave issue is THE issue, I think. Caves give 20 rezzers at a time where a GY gives 10. The simple fix is to not allow cave rezzes until every graveyard is taken, but that opens up more problems, probably.

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What are you suggesting? Affirmative action for players who demonstrably do not wish to put any effort in that would cause their HPH to go down?

Thank you for selectively quoting me, and not understanding how even the most basic tenets of behaviorist theory (supported by a century of research) works.

Go read up on positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment. We have to deprogram Learned Helplessness.

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I do not see actual specific suggestions in there, beyond the suggestion to go read up on things.

How can you be angry when the music is so compelling! I watched all four videos, not because I needed proof (it should be obvious to anybody by now), but for the awesome music :smiley:

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