AV is officially dead

I like posting this because it angers the “Theres no difference” people.

Video measuring AV travel time

Ally cave to their IB equiv GY (which is Stonehearth): 30 full seconds longer than it takes horde to get from their cave to IB…

30 seconds is a full resurrection timer.

And the the actual middle of the map is literally BEYOND Balindas bunker and SH Bunker just below SHGY.

Its hilarious how busted it is.


No, because then the excuse will be “too close to horde base”.

And you lot insisted it was equal because both sides had backdoors. Well, now it is equal, because neither side has a backdoor, not sure why being balanced on that thing has you throwing such a hissy fit.

Test what? That having no backdoor to our base will do absolutely nothing to change the imbalances that give Horde the FoS and make IBGY so hard to take? Doesn’t really need a test.

AV died when the Alliance stopped trying to win.

Why is there never any option beyond taking and holding IBGY? If you soft cap IB, then run to FW and take the EASIEST capped GY in the game, you have literally split the forces that are cave respawning.

There is a serious lack of strategic thought on the alliance side. The horde are not some one-minded borg working in lockstep. It is comically easy to throw us off our game. All it takes is for alliance to STOP doing the same rush to SH and stand there strategy.

So PVP happening in a BG?

Again, the question:
Why rank 8?

Now do the same thing with base races.

Taking any southern grave yard ends up with the same issue, horde soft cap SHGY while that is happening then any alliance south can slowly be picked off and are now stuck north.


If we are being honest AV died when they decided not to do the 1.5 version.

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Was just about to post this. Blizz brain muscles not big enough to do 1.5.

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It is known.

Taking any northern grave yard ends up with the same issue, alliance soft cap IBGY while that is happening then any horde north can slowly be picked off and are now stuck south.

1.7 had fixes while retaining the strength and numbers of the NPCs and mobs, and retaining all of the content/quests/etc. 1.7 was the high point of the BG.

There were literally horde threads in the beginning about them having botters, too. lol

Not quite true because SHGY is a significantly better bottle neck to trap alliance north than IBGY is at keeping horde south.

Oceanic (we have like 4? realms in our ‘battlegroup’), sorry battlegroup is probably old vanilla terminology, but because Oceanic only has a handful of realms to PvP with, I call it a battlegroup.

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It’s an active now, and would probably be better in vanilla as a passive honestly. Perception is a strong stealth effect, but it’s short on a relatively long cooldown, making it mostly useful to people who happen to be psychics in real life. The active component is much stronger in TBC Arenas (where you pretty much always use it at the start) than in vanilla pvp.


Back when I attempted AV on an alt, there were no more than 2-4 afkers most games.

We lost every game.

My sub expires in 7 hours. I cancelled due to just being plain fed up with AV. I tried to give it a shot but the 1.12 version is just a complete joke.

could you expand a bit on what you mean by this? I don’t catch your meaning about Ion’s “clarity” as well as what work and what game