Automation + Auto Kick + Auto Grounding + AI vs Rated PvP

Apm isnt really discipline, but yes i did say it is a component of skill. Macros bridge some of the gap between players’ physical ability, making mental prowess a bigger contributing factor to skillful play

idk why you keep brining up apm because its not related here, a macro that does the if/then descisions for you is taking the place of skill and artificially boosting your rating.

now granted, most of us use some macros, but for most players its limited to targeting and mousover macros, the decision of when the spell goes off is still in the player’s hands.

to clarify, apm is just how many actions per minute you can do, but it doesn’t mean you can make that many decisions per minute, 300 apm is easy when you are in a flow state, but not when you have to make decisions. discipline is what we refer to when we talk about the self control to not blow your interupt early, and it is an additional component of skill. therefore a player who can’t hold their interupt without a macro has less skill than a player who can and thus should not be at the same rating.

if you are a skilled player, you know you can get by without your @focus and @arena macros provided nobody else has them either, so i have to assume the players who think removing macros is a non-starter are completely dependent on their logic macros doing the pvp for them.

Alright, but let’s be real. Anyone who uses this is going to be banned for exploiting.

I started to hear about this in detail over the weekend. See you guys at 2400

Blizzard is not going to turn off LUA or disable Addons or Macros. There is way to much money involved from 3rd Parties not even associated with Blizzard. If they did this (on the Eve of the Microsoft Merger) they may as well never produce another game ever.

More Modders and Streams-For Profit will abandon them than the ones that would stick around.

Saying this right after you say

Is such an oxymoron, @focus and @party/arena 123 macros are just targeting macros as well.

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Because you brought of player skill with and without macros. Macros aren’t meant to make decisions for the player; this use case is obviously unintended. So I went with what macros do in a more generalized sense which is to lessen mechanical burden require to play your character, ie how many actions you can do a minute. By lessening this physical barrier, it allows the mental barrier to be a bigger contributer, such as self discipline that you brought up.

These macros are fine.

The only issue I have with any macro rn is the fact that you can make “smart” macros that will take decision making completely out of the equation.

An example would be the kick macro that literally won’t kick into nothing or into something with a protected cast.

These things are very different than what people normally use.

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targeting macros are not logic macros. you are using the fact that both sets of code are called "macro"to equate them to the same thing, they are not.

however, if they disabled all macros in pvp as a preventative measure, then it would be a lot easier for a normal player using targeting macros to adapt than a player who has been relying on logic macros. therefore players who are vehemently defending macros are likely dependent on them and achieving false ratings.

I wonder if the kick macro can target specific spells as well, because if not, wouldn’t it be omega easy to just get kicked on living flame and free cast eruption/ebon might if they start spamming it.

Two melee zugging on a healer will be hell tho

should a player who puts 7 spells into a single 1 shot macro be at the same level as a player who can actually hit all spells as fast as a macro? you can talk about barrier, but barrier to what? a rating you don’t really deserve is what.

I feel like they’re usually lower.

But yeah, binding stuff together like this is fine, although I guess modifier stacking has been an issue at various points, but that’s another issue.

why is it fine? if apm is a thing, you should not be allowed to script apm.

If anyone has spent anytime in the UI and Macro Forum there is a pinned thread from November 2018 on the Macros: Essential Information. This is player created thread but obviously blizzard reviewed and pinned. I have returned to this thread countless times while trying to figure out a macro condition. The first sentence of Section 3 of the Pin directly conflicts with the issue that we are seeing currently.

What other undocumented change that went live since 2018 will Blizzard trip over next?

This isn’t even a hack or a bot issue. I am all for players learning and discovering new tech in the game but this game is pushing the “clever use of mechanics” envelope with smart kick macros and snap pulls in PvE.

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Charge is off GCD, so can be macro’d in with Mortal Strike or whatever, in a non-cheesy way.

No an idiot monk used it on my sham during aura mastery, it doesn’t recognize that if the macro was written by a bad writer.

Half the teams my reg 3’s boys and I vs’d last night were using the kick script, insta kicking into AM is one telltale, obv a .3 or .5s kick but there are also ones that let you rotate cc. Easy to tell as well, you’ll see dps targeting a healer or other dps manually for a cross cc then proceed to dump everything else cc wise into one target, seamless with no overlaps and proceed to global lock someone for 15-20s.

They’re a lot more advanced and could be than what’s being shown here. For example you could write one to never use Asphix on a target that is Trapped (writing from the perspective of my dk) or never grip a target that has Freedom, Bubble etc. I could also make one for Strang etc. On my priest I could make one so Power Word Life always goes off at 35-34% hp so I get the full effect and cdr, same with swap and life grip. Don’t want to kick into Aura Mastery like the goon I talked about earlier? Just add the conditions (the spell exists with a name so you’d have to use all of them for each individual spec) into your kick macro.

One thing about the cast sequence macros, I used to use one for my Demo PVE open when I raided in MOP. If a boss mechanic prevented me from using it all then the rotation got messed up, same may hold true for these cast sequence macros today, esp if the reset is less than 10s.

This has been a thing since at least MOP, surprised it’s only being brought out now. I don’t use any of it b/c it seems bannable and it’s scumbag.

You can write a script that is 99% a bot if you know how to write conditions well, like I said 1/ 2 the games I played last night people making awc plays with cc chains and kicking.

This and MMR caps is why this game mode is dying, not class balance.

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Ya but im still convinced no warrior has it macro’ed and is just sitting there spamming it.

Psycho class.

No but this has been around forever. Check the date, these are way before 2018.

Dead wrong and has been for over a decade. Think of every ‘one shot’ macro you’ve ever seen.

1 Shot Macro (Use Wisely): #showtooltip alter time /cancelaura ice block /use Malevolent Gladiator’s Badge of Dominance /cast presence of mind /castsequence reset=15 alter time, pyroblast, pyroblast, pyroblast, alter time, pyroblast

An example of a cast sequence macro with the potential to do your whole rotation, in order. This is what I used to use on Demo for pve when I knew I could do full burst with no phasing or anything like that in raid.

Impossible to balance a game when you have people always performing perfectly.

It makes me wonder if some of the people at the top of the ladder with a 90%+ win rate are doing this. It always blows my mind when I see someone who only lost like 5 games out of like 200.

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Everyone 1600+ skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane…They need to check their pcs and game…Maybe they’re not cheating but maybe they’re using the game deficit macros …and this cant seem on game screen…They need to check-up

Ceteris paribus, in this game, yes.