Aug/x/x, ret/war, wizard

2 different druids 2200mmr and 2350mmr and it’s some combo of - aug/x/x, ret/war or wizard. Lots of aug/x/x I guess because people are going for their glads and are abusing.

Augmentation is the worst thing that’s ever happened to this game, it seems as PvPers and even PvErs hate the spec. PvErs actually might hate the spec even more so im confused how it’s not nerfed yet.

I genuinely love WoW PvP, I know a lot of you guys are in it just for rewards but I actually just love to heal PvP. And it sucks that the game sucks right now, that’s all I want to say man, I wish they would do something about augs it’s so boring. I feel like I can’t stay logged in longer than 30 minutes because the gameplay is so trash which also sucks because I feel like class balance is not the best but its pretty decent.

Did the previous aug nerfs even do anything? why is this spec so toxic man


i’ve been qing arena since the end of cataclysm

i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything as abusive/free as aug/melee
it’s genuinely absurd and both the devs and the players abusing it should feel embarrassed


nOt evEry1 hAtES thEM!

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Fascinating stance given your recent choice of comp :dracthyr_a1:



We hate them because of how broken it is, not because of what it is.

Like it shouldn’t do as much as it does with 0 punishment. If it’s going to buff, it shouldn’t be capable of one shot. If it’s going to buff, it shouldn’t be tanky. If it’s going to be a support then it should not be the carry. It should simply enable the carry.

The reality is just that aug should get the same treatmenta s tank specs. Maybe not as heavy handed as 50% damage increase, but something.

In theory it was a cool idea. But we’re also with some special devs.

i dont care about their damage or them buffing their teammates damage.

I HATE how they are completely IMMORTAL unless u triple cross their team over and over. So stupid.

I agree 100%. They’re just gods gift to humanity, except it was the devil in disguise.

Just gut everything they have by 50% or make them take 50% more damage and ALL our problems are gone.

Very polarizing spec.

remi didn’t you post a picture in another forum where like half your games were aug/shammy/hpal though that’s literally all you face nowadays even ret/war stands a rare chance at beating anything with aug unless they blast something into oblivion.

Ya know, it just kind of feels like there is always a fotm op bs class that exists which is the “easiest” path to achievements. Augment gets all the hate right now just like ret did last season. People will always “abuse” the best thing to help them get what they want out of the game. If they gut augment, people will figure out the next ridiculous thing that is unfun to play against.

i’ve only seen a handful of those

usually it’s feral/dk or less commonly randomly anything else ww/destro/boomkin/warrior ect

aug works with literally anything it’s abusive

Nah it was this forum

oh both of you did a really poor job at expressing the point you were trying to make

seratox’s failed gotcha about my 6th alt and your implication that it was more than twice significantly lower than my mains are misguided
either intentionally ignoring that those games are for perspective or just unaware

either way completely irrelevant to my point about how aug is abusive and the people abusing it for any benefit should feel bad

Hey man, it’s not a gotcha. I don’t care what you play as long as you are being a fellow pvp enjoyer :dracthyr_love_animated: Its just kinda silly that you talk down to others about playing what you play. Not a healthy mindset, trust me.

disagree with this mindset

there’s been a lot of points in this games history that through sheer negligence things like aug, or double destro, or tank shuffle titles have existed and been abused by bad players

our community for the most part has always done a really good job of social policing to maintain a standard blizzard itself isn’t capable of providing

heckindoggo is a good example of someone who was abusive and was treated appropriately and now no longer participates

it would be a loss for everyone to abandon that mindset


I’m sure there are many more things on the list of things that got abused through shear negligence. Even for people who managed to get Rank 1, isn’t there?

It doesn’t matter though. The important thing is you’re having fun.

tons just gave the freshest examples in my head

failed gotcha

the players i fought at 3200 half way through the season were 10x better than the players fighting for their lives at 2800 at the end

the amount of people that didn’t have to queue final week even last season is insurmountable you’re just too unfamiliar with the game to even know


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Well I disagree. I’m glad you’re having fun. Even if that fun is playing with an Aug. :heart:

They do feel pretty super duper to play with in both pve and pvp. :dracthyr_heart:

sure agree to disagree

i’m personally happy you AREN’T having fun qing prot paladin 400 rating higher than where you’d normally play