August 19 Beta Build 35598 - BLUE POST and spicy tooltips


  • Agony appears to have a buff? Unless it was previously changed and this is a tooltip update
  • Tooltip updates and level-rank changes for a few abilities
  • Inevitable Demise got buffed a few percentage points
  • Sacrolash Legendary kept at 60% slow!!!
  • Summon Infernal impact nerfed :frowning:
  • Azjaqir Legendary for Destro buffed for 20% CB cast reduction
  • Enslave Demon tooltip updated
  • Unending Resolve nerfed to 20% damage reduction for rank 1, still 40% rank 2
  • *Ritual of Doom spell was changed
  • In uncategorized spells, there’s Summon Infernal and Summon Doomguard back at SIX SECOND SUMMON (made baseline?!)
  • Curse of Recklessness dead
  • Ritual of Doom indeed confirmed to be added, and is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life
  • Curse of Recklessness removed

Ritual of Doom simply does not make sense in Modern WoW. It’s flavor is irrelevant due to its uselessness. Just give Warlocks back Doomguard and Infernal as baseline pets instead of that utter nonsense that isn’t viable in any content.

To reiterate my point in the compilation thread:

yo Reck is dead tho

where’s my crab rave. i need my crab rave.


Oh they removed Curse of Reck, thats a good step forward…

Oh…wait they added Ritual of Doom…thats 2 step backwards.

Can i start my hate crusade over Ritual of Doom now?


already typing my PTR rage post

You can’t deny that Ritual of Doom flavor though haha.

Sacrolash staying 60%(figured this was just something using the old Legion debuff until they had a chance to change it) is huge


PTR rage post posted

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I wonder if they could instead make it only usable in open world/dungeons, and then add in achievements/cosmetic rewards or something for successfully running m+ keeping it active without wiping? Essentially just a fun optional side activity w/ no impact on competitive pve

The ritual doomguard acts as a guardian, so having one active is extra dps you wouldn’t otherwise get access to since you can have your normal pet active alongside it.

Could be a problem if having a doomguard guardian is required for optimal dps, but I get the feeling he’ll get cleaved down easily enough in real pve content.

On the PTR this isn’t the case, just tested it

That’s weird because I tested it too and it worked as a guardian for me.

*shrugs *

It says guardian but if I get my felguard out it turns hostile

was Entrenched in Flame removed from pvp talents? :sob:

If this is true, this going to suck hard against melees

Maybe it didn’t recognize current demo as a warlock spec


Yup just confirmed it only happened with felguard lol

Felguard confirmed to not play nice with other demons.

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I can see it now, every pull for content, every wipe just taking longer “hang on gotta set up, need to rez one person” and it has a chance to break free :neutral_face:

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Game is just updating now. I want to get a group of locks together and try ritual!


60% slow. I can already taste the tears from pvp. Aff is going to be supreme lord commander kite god

I am also supremely worried how ritual will be balanced. If you can do it each pull… is it extra damage pushing you further so you would be a fool to not use it, or will it balance us to other classes dps making you a fool not to use it?

Sadly the best thing for it is to no break, but have a long cooldown so you cant use it each try. 1hr?

It has a 1 hour cooldown right now and its damage looks to be nothing special, but if it stays as free damage then it could be a problem.

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