Attn Blizzard: Please Announce BWL release

Can you please announce BWL Release date. It would be the best time to reveal when it will come out, and bring back players who are sitting being unsubbed.


I’m sure you know more than their marketing team and all about their numbers of subs and unsubs.


Doesn’t everybody know best for every game ever? :thinking:


Well according to Kaivax:

We’ll have an exact timestamp for this content unlock to share with you in early December.


So yeah. . . past due is a understatement. I’m expecting an announcement next week. Even though they 100% did not honor their word, not surprising.

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Wait till I get 60 next week before BWL comes out . Dkp resets


Nah. Let it keep stewing. Need to know who the real dedicated raiders are for at least 4-5 more weeks. :slight_smile:




Classic Content Unlocking in December

Ignore the poorly placed addendum about Blackwing Lair and the Darkmoon Faire. The post was about the content that was unlocking in December and the final sentence in that post was referring to the title content.

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Need a Date/Month at least. Feb or March. Just something.

They are waiting to see if 8.2 brings back subs.

They don’t want BWL and 8.2 competing.

February is more likely than January


Sure. Anything for you.



That post clearly states WSG and AV are coming December 10th.

Then it proceeds to state:

Blackwing Lair and Darkmoon Faire are coming in early 2020.

Followed immediately by:

We’ll have an exact timestamp for this content unlock to share with you in early December.

Obviously they are talking about BWL and Darkmoon Faire NOT BG’s as they very clearly gave a release date in the first sentence.


We need more avenues for loot. Loot drama tensions have been getting high of late.

Even the emerald dragons would be an adequate but temporary distraction. But I know nothing about lore and how they fit in, or when they should. Their loot looks meh for the most part.


Was a new paragraph, it’s obviously talking about the primary subject of the post. The tidbit about BWL was an addendum to the main content of the post.

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probably do tbh, were u here for launch when 10x more people stayed subbed to classic than what they were prepared for despite having all the data and tests to base their decisions on they were still wrong even though everybody was constantly telling them they were wrong?

Just read the post for the first time. Delimicus’s comprehension abilities are off here… (that’s the nice way of saying it). It’s clearly referring to BWL+ timeline since the bg dates are 1) ALREADY GIVEN and 2) the placement of the sentence reflects the prior paragraph, specifically the very sentence before it…

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Sorry Kittens, you are incorrect. The second paragraph in Kaivax’s post references the “content unlock” as the BGs: “Nonetheless, like many of you, we can’t wait to charge into some battlegrounds, so we’ve detached this content unlock from the plan we previously announced.”

Kaivax goes on to say in paragraph 3: “We’ll have an exact timestamp for this content unlock to share with you in early December.”

Clearly the content unlock that they intended to give an exact timestamp for in early December is the battleground early release. They had only given a broad initial timeline for the week of 12/10 , with no exact date. So its pretty obvious that they are referencing the BG unlock. BWL remains unknown and slotted for early 2020.

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Why would that be the case? He posts the exact time stamp of the AV and WSG release and then says, “oh, we will release the time stamp that I just gave you for this content in early December as we are releasing it…”. I worry about reading comprehension and context clue understanding of people sometimes.


yeah they really should announce bwl release date already. I’m tired of complaining about it not being released yet. I’d love to be able to complain about it being released too early.

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