Attn Blizzard: Please Announce BWL release

The post stated “Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley will open in WoW Classic the week of December 10”

the week of December 10 is anything but an “exact” timestamp. Haha

Exact TIME and DATE were announced with the drop of the patch notes:
"With scheduled weekly maintenance in each region, we will update WoW Classic to version 1.13.3, which includes several updates to the game. We will deploy this patch with weekly maintenance starting at 7:00 a.m. PST (10:00 a.m. EST) on Tuesday, December 10. <<<< This is the exact timestamp of the content unlock. Timestamp does not mean “week of” like y’all seem to think it does.


Well they certainly think so, its how we got retail!

Listen, it’s not my fault that your reading comprehension is at a low level.

I imagine Blizzard won’t make any announcements regarding future phases until the current drama has been addressed. they’ve been too silent and passive about responding to the battlegrounds issues / Oceanic queues .

They need to answer and address other problems first before further pissing off the classic community IMO.

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BWL Release date announcement is reliant on 2 major factors:

  • devs getting back from vacation on Jan 6th

  • If WoW Classic has fallen beneath top 5 twitch streams

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Blizzard is probably cutting their losses since these same players would quit after Naxx.

If you were so bored that you actually let your sub lapse, you’re not coming back.

And you probably aren’t going to get into BWL if you do.

Having said that, though, it would be nice to have a couple weeks heads up at least.

It’s almost Jan 10th where people will be opted to re-sub or let it drop. No announcement or release means lost players.


Let the speed players quit the game if its not fast enough for them. I would rather have people who are just now getting to 60 and stepping into molten core be around than the min/max tryhards who just want to beat all the content as fast as possible.

they delayed 8.3 you can tell because the season actually ended and the chest and conquest was off.they for got to change it in the code and the season ran its course…oops on their end.

id expect it a few weeks after 8.3.

I find it hilarious that people like you can still pretend that this team does anything based on good numbers and metrics. Literally everything they’ve done classic-related so far that has to do with projected metrics has been a complete failure.

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Blizzard lives in the real world. And WoW is software. In the real world, software slips. It CANNOT be predicted. Something can take 1 week or 4 weeks. I know. I was a dev for 32 years.

But the playerbase has proven it will not tolerate slips. If Blizzard is late on any announced date, the forum is full of “BLIZZARD LIES TO PLAYERS” threads for months or even years afterwards. I’ve seen it happen.

For that reason, Blizzard stopped pre-announcing dates. Because of how players react.

After all, do YOU really want a date that might change drastically? Or features that might change? There goes all your planning, right?


I hadnt considered that. Good point.

BWL should have been out a while ago. This isn’t the same timeline as vanilla. At this point we did not have our reworked talents. Caster gear was just int. Paladin buffs were 5 minutes long and single target. This is also the nerfed version of MC, you can tell because rag doesn’t kick you to outerspace and gollemag’s debuff falls off on it’s own without FR gear. So I would like content harder than this LFG version of MC. If everybody runs through BWL with rank 14 weapons it’s going to be a joke. As for changing features classic was supposed to be no changes. Paid character transfers were not until late AQ or early Naxx but they had to put them in because there’s whole servers that died because of the whole PvP with no BGs.

While they’re waiting for people to sub for sh*tty Retail, I along with thousands of others are sick of waiting for the release of content from a 15 year old game. SO while blizzard plays with itself, I and thousand others will unsub and play something new and more exciting. Screw you blizzard and thanks for all the fish!

Pretty sure BWL will be announced when we start to see Rank 14’s

Great for Blizzard, I’m already playing something else. Best of luck with your 15 year old game and selective releases!

Thanks for playing! You won’t be missed!

Maybe not, but blizz will surely miss the higher then normal quarterly earnings.

Oh look, blizzard announced it finally Thank you!