[A]<The Bone Zone> Semi-Hardcore guild recruiting for Raid and M+ teams

The Bone Zone was formed at the end of BFA and we completed heroic AoTC (Ny’Alotha) in a VERY short period of time. We are looking to expand our roster to include new and returning players for Shadowlands. We enjoy messing around with each other and coaching newer players, but during our progression we put on a more focused and serious attitude. Trying to make progress and push each other. We’re not toxic. We came for fun but we also want to beat down the content and farm our rewards.

Some more info…

Guild: The Bone Zone

Realm: Sargeras [Alliance]

Raid Schedule: (across two groups, 2 nights per week per group)

Wed 9 PM- 11:30 PM CST
Thu 9 PM- 11:30 PM CST

Fri 8 PM- 11 PM CST
Sat 8 PM- 11 PM CST

Positions available:
Please visit our site at guildsofwow .com/the-bone-zone/recruitment (no space) to view our current focused-recruit open positions & apply. Even if your class or spec is not listed we are willing to trial anyone who is of like-minded. If you’re interested in chatting or learning more about the guild message us on Discord or B-net.

Guild Master
Discord: XUnforgivenPain#8745
B-Net: XUnforgiven#1423

Discord: MadBear#6946, Kungfubanana#7678, Kulmark#0396, rymo#6257
B-net: madbear#1317, Kungfubanana#1420, Taoru#1281, Rymo#1709

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I have a question! the guild recruitment page does not allow me to fill out a app because I have no toon created on that server yet obv. I was planning on making up the toon right at pre patch. any thoughts on how to navigate around this? making a temp one for now maybe?

Yeah, I think the easiest way would be to make a character and apply. Then we could sort you out when you’re ready after pre-patch. Feel free to message me with any questions.
Discord: rymo#6257 B-net: Rymo#1709

Still looking for
peeps to take to bad places in shadowlands!

We’ve opened up a few more positions, some for raid (ranged) and some for M+ and raid backup (tanks). Come check us out and chat with us. Let’s see if we’re a fit! <3

A weekend bump is what we love

To the top! Still looking for some people for fun times in SL!