Asmon is making 100s of viewers spam Report BOTS

I think using an ‘online persona’ to justify doing terrible things to real people isn’t a good justification at all and I think people should stop buying into that logic. No one stops being harrassed or abused because they say ‘it’s just a prank bro’.

It also doesn’t help that he removes basically all negative clips of himself but it was suggested he do his events on non-rp servers because he went into Stormwind Cathedral(Big RP hub) Multiple times and disrupted all the RP there, and then crashed the server/lagged out Stormwind and EK.

Doesn’t help that he, off stream, on his twitter, basically said consider his RP disruption a ‘natural disaster’ and just RP around it. and that Natural Disasters IRL, are created by HAARP.

I think it’s silly that Blizzard doesn’t take stream evidence as proof of wrongdoing, he can say on stream and break the game rules for targetted harassment without anything from Blizz. Crash a server multiple times, NP either

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What you said was just dumb. Asmons personality is part of the fun. That has been said multiple times.

His following will never accept that and has used that since he began to justify his actions.

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That’s your opinion and you are most definitely welcome to it. :+1:


None of those examples you gave earlier were “terrible things”.

Disrupting and making hundreds, thousands of people unable to play their game based upon his own decisions and actions multiple times isn’t terrible, targetted harassment isn’t terrible? Ok then, guess we have it out in the open what his fanboys think.


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Popcorn went stale kinda like this forum now. Thanks for the entertainment ya’ll. Make love, not warcraft :wink:

This has been my impression too. His whole “big D dps” schtick is pretty funny, and obviously an act. I’m not sure all his fans can differentiate between his act and him, but I bet most can. And in the end, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t like him it’s pretty easy to avoid his content.

I’ve been doing this for years!

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When did this happen? You clowns get offended by the smallest things. It’s entertainment. You just don’t get it. It’s okay. Don’t concern yourself with asmon. Don’t watch his stuff.

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We all have bad qualities, it isn’t defensive to choose to speak about a persons good qualities.

Though…this is the forums and they do tend to lean more pessimistic than most.

-Made fun of players not playing the content he’s doing.
-Made videos about how to troll people in places like LFR.
-Organized groups of his followers to go harass people on servers like Moon Guard.
Among others.

I’m just not a fan of that sort of behavior.

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He’s deleted all of his stream clips, but feel free to watch his stream and see how long it takes for him to get people to /spit on people. /spit for people having class mount /spit for being vulpera, read forum posts on stream. You’re also free to look into the threads made about him on the EU argent dawn forums after he disrupted RP in stormwind multiple times, and crashed the sever.

‘It’s for entertainment’ doesn’t absolve you of any wrong-doing and targetting specific people that DID NOT agree to be done as such. No one he is targetting is consenting, nor being paid like an Actor in a movie Astro. Try harder.

I don’t concern myself with him, but yet… I still end up having to deal with him because he hosts his non-rp events on RP servers, which has brung up the debate every time about how to help get rid of OOCers that are anti-RP and disrupt RP off RP servers.

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If you will read the initial response to me, my response which includes the part you chopped out of and addressed was in complete context with the individual that I was talking to at the time.

I also see where you removed this part I’m referring to, as I was typing this, so I will(against better judgement) ASSume you caught on to that…maybe, idk. But the conversations within this thread are all over the place, and the topic has all but scattered as it usually does on these forums.


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I have seen bots as well,skinning raptors in Zuldazar. If you kill them they just respawn and keep doing same thing,I sat there and watched for 10 hours, I am not even joking.

Oh boy we have a “my dad works for nintendo” poster.

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Now I ponder if I could set up a Twitch channel that is nothing but me sitting in a warmly lit library in a smoking jacket with a pipe doing nothing but calmly stating informed opinions about random video game topics and see if it would be popular.

I will say again - if he is doing something for the betterment of this game, then more power to him. Ppl are free to like who they like, and dislike who they dislike. We all have opinions on it, and that will never change.

Good luck to him, it is a good thing. Happy gaming to the rest of you. It’s time for this hunter to do some real life stuff! :relaxed:


I edited my post because I believe when you said character you were referring to an actor. So I removed that part of my post because I felt that if I left it in that it would be the only thing you replied to. It seemed redundant and I was curious to what you would say to the rest…which you didn’t say anything. So I was right to remove it, lol.

Anywho… :crazy_face:

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