Asmon is making 100s of viewers spam Report BOTS

Source: dude trust me


Ohhhhhh you dont like his stance in store mounts that makes sense. Also he never encouraged people to /spit on vulpera that’s something you made up because of his dislike of furries. Also your gatekeeping OOCers from RP servers is verry toxic, some people like playing on RP servers that dont RP, adds immersion to the game.

And at the same time you rushed on here to give your opinion on his “character”. Then you talk down to other people giving their opinion on him. Okay.


I think its important to note that while some of those players are more than likely bots, that doesn’t mean all of them are. I know a couple channels like wtbgold and archvaldor have advertised things like iron docks farming and the like as great gold thats also insanely easy to setup with class trials, or with a demon hoonter. Could more than likely be a chunk of those “botss” are players trying to make some extra gold with their tips.

Well that would draw attention because it would appeal as a funny mock commentary.

False on both fronts, it’s not gatekeeping to want people that disrupt and are anti-RP to move to a more appropriate server since they don’t contribute and only harm. Kinda like a particular someone. :slight_smile: Especially when the RP community basically does tons to help people just getting into RP or are actually interested in it. Again, as his fanboys usually do you basically just try to justify all of his bad points. He does hate furries, and he targets them a lot. He also hates RPers, and targets them a lot. Notice a trend?

@Grimm, OP provided no proof of his statement either. You were not going after him for that, were you? Kinda funny how quick people become hypocritical, isn’t it?

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Good on him, of course - the forums have an irrational hatred of him for some reason, so you got flagged. /shrug

It’s because essentially, he bashed Blizzard in his post, made a reference to religion, called things a negative word, and saying by ‘doing reports’ he’s doing their job for them… Which is another untruth.

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I had to search pretty hard to find old videos of Asmongold before I could understand why people dislike him so much.

He’s a guy who has grown up a lot since his earliest period of gamer fame, apparently, and I see nothing but a decent guy when I listen to him/watch his stuff online. He has made videos advising streamers on how to reduce toxicity and shared his own struggles and original confusion over how to deal with it in his own stream. He has made videos addressing parts of the game he gets very upset with, and he makes videos addressing parts of the game that make him happy.

Don’t watch his stream if you don’t want to watch it, but I don’t understand why people call him a “horrible human being.” He’s definitely an acquired taste, but he’s funny, and he produces content so varied and so broad…it’s impressive. Anyone playing games online in full view of the public is going to mess up sometimes. They just will.

I think he’s funny and smart and engaged…and while I don’t approve of everything he says, and while I certainly find some of his stream audience utterly repugnant, Asmon is a net positive to the game’s health, popularity, and longevity. There are several streamers and YT WoW “news” people who fit that label. He’s one of them.

And I’m glad he’s doing something about reporting bots.



Eh, that one’s a stretch.

Boo hoo.

He’s getting botters suspended, and Blizzard isn’t. Sounds spot on to me.

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He is not a ‘news’ person, and if you think he’s ‘grown’ that’d be another falsity. Look at his fights with Taliesin and Evitel for one, and since he came back from his months of breaks from streaming his first stream back ended up on Argent Dawn EU where he disrupted a bunch of RP in stormwind Cath district and it was either that day or the next that he did it again ‘interviewing’ someone on live call where he and his chat made fun of for being Transgender and basically laughing and mocking with ‘lol voice changer Slur

and good Zhan, another person that just went negative and broke forum CoC in a post targetted at me. That’s why. :slight_smile:

You mean the one they started and were completely wrong about?

Replying to you doesn’t break CoC, grow up.


Amazing how he instills such negative feelings in you that you gravitate to a thread about him and claim the first post in it.

Whether you like him or not, you are a fan of him it seems.


They were proven to be correct, considering Evitel isn’t getting all kinds of nasty things in her inbox directly after asmon watches their video on stream. You can see quite a few of his fans doing nasty things even here, on the official forums, in this very thread. It’s interesting.

The entertainer isn’t responsible for what his fans do, sorry. They were wrong, end of story.


No, he’s doing your job for you.

In order for Blizzard to act on bots they need to be reported, if you’re not reporting them when you see them, then he’s doing your job for you.

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Everyone knows about the bots. The bots get reported, Blizz knows about them, and they don’t care. But worse, is everyone defending the bots are incredibly disingenuous.


Actually is, considering on the Argent Dawn forums the thread he watched on stream didn’t have any of his fans posting in it before he watched it on stream then it got flooded with tons of off-topic posts, spam, and disruption. Same thing with visiting an RP server, are they there on that server disrupting it while he’s not streaming there? Nope. Are they when he’s streaming there? Yep! So, he does have a cause an effect and the fact that he’s aware of this and does nothing, in fact makes him responsible for what happens. Especially, when he’s not shown to be reporting any of the bad behavior and exhibiting it himself: See targetted harassment, RP disruption.

furthermore, Blizzard posted about reporting bots. They told people to go out there and do it: Thank You For Your Reports


I didn’t say he was. I said he was one of several personalities that promote WoW in a very positive way in the larger omnisphere–I was thinking of Bellular and Kelani when I said “YouTube news” type people.

A “falsity” would be me lying or saying something untrue. I did neither. I said that it was apparent to me that he’s grown since those older videos. Which is true. You certainly don’t have to agree, but it doesn’t make what I said a “falsity.” Seriously.

I don’t typically click on the videos that are about drama, but I did happen to see this one…and I’m sorry, but Asmon isn’t the one who appeared in the wrong to me on that particular scuffle.

I like T&E tremendously and watch their videos, as well.

People disrupt RP in the Cathedral District EVERY DAY. I say this as a priest on MG who plays off and on as a healer cleric. EVERY. DAY. ALL.DAY. people come in and disrupt the RP. That doesn’t make them all horrible people. It makes them people who think RP is funny and don’t understand what they’re messing up. It’s a mean thing to do, but if you base a person’s worth on that, there are a huge crowd of folks on every RP server who fit that bill.

I didn’t see that, but if I had, it would have upset me. This is the one point you’ve made that gives me pause, and if it was Asmon and not his audience (over which he has very little control other than banning them after the fact), then yes, that would lower my opinion of him.


Nope. Each viewer has their own sense of agency, and Asmon not only isn’t responsible for it, but couldn’t stop it if he wanted to.

The RP server thing is even more of a stretch, maybe Blizzard should invest a bit more in their server technology, if such a mass of players causes issues? If they are not actively griefing RP, they did nothing actionable.

Stop giving RPers a bad reputation with awful views like this, thanks.