Asmon is making 100s of viewers spam Report BOTS

and again you show why everyone hates him and his fans by lying and insulting me, so thanks!

He disrupted RP and more, as did his fans. His fans do the same exact things he does, so again… Try harder, you and the other poster I’m going to have to make sure to just keep at it. :slight_smile:

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Can’t speak to these cases… but while leveling this guy, I recently saw ten 110 worgen balance druids outside of Auchindoun killing sargerei mobs repeatedly. This was in WM. I start killing them. After each kill they release instantaneously. They never fought back at all. Just rez, spam AoE and loot. Look them up on the armory and all are wearing the boost/trial gearset.

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took the words right out of my mouth Zhanli, well said.

Blizzard’s servers being garbage and unstable due to a large player presence isn’t griefing. Griefing would be the intentional crashing of an RP event, which he didn’t do, no matter how much you keep repeating the same drivel over and over again, expecting it to change the fact that you are wrong.


Threatening to flag people who have not broken any terms of service or even been impolite is, in itself, a breach of the terms of use on these forums.

You can’t just go around flagging people because you disagree with them. I tried to talk to you. I certainly didn’t insult you or try to upset you. I assume when people post here it’s because they want to talk about something.

I don’t like it when people come into the Cathedral naked or mogged to look like JC making fun of actual IRL religion. I don’t like it when they come in and summon demons in the middle of a big and rehearsed RP service. I don’t like it when they come in shouting profanity in /y to mess up RP. There are a million ways people come in and try to troll RP on an RP server. I’m not a fan of that behavior, but I don’t equate IC trolling to OOC character problems.

That was my point.


nobody’s buying this

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He disrupted ALL of the events because no one could RP in the Cathedral while he was there, so yes he did. I’m done with both of you, this is the end since you keep targetting me and lying to justify his actions.

Still not griefing. He had no reason to know about any prior RP event there beforehand, did not enter with the intent to disrupt or impair other’s experiences, and did not break ToS.


It’s amazing to me how this post flagged by multiple people will never get actioned, because it didn’t break the rules.

Aw, they flagged me. Should I be honored?

Interesting how that system abuse still isn’t actionable.


Depends. Are you on Blizzard’s :poop: list?

Really? Wow. That’s just…okay. Whatever. /sips Pepsi. I’m gonna go do visions on my hunter now. Y’all have fun or whatever this is.


I don’t even know anymore, probably if I was posting on my hunter. I’ve yet to get silenced for nothing on this one.

Don’t worry, you won’t get banned or anything. You didn’t break the rules.

It’s actually good proof that we’re dealing with something very irrational.


Based Asmon. Destroy those nobility-LARPing bourgeoise multiboxers, buddy!

You can’t accuse people of targeting you when you yourself put yourself out there.

Even more so by saying you’d abuse the flagging option so overtly.

You painted that target on your back yourself, own up to it.

People like you make WRA look bad.

And just because I know you will…Flag me harder daddy!

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I wonder if filing a ticket highlighting abuse of the flagging system would go anywhere. Let’s find out.


Imagine saying someone’s targeting you in the very thread on a public forum you opened up a debate in.


Yeah boggles my mind to…

Person posts…
People disagree
Person rees and flags people for disagreeing.

the logic is mind warping!


Feels different this time, like it’s happening instantly. Like one person is going through each of their characters and flagging.

I guess this means their argument isn’t strong enough to withstand debate.