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How will you bring back a focus on the Class over the Spec in the next expansion? Will we have access to formerly class wide abilities that were locked behind specific specs? Can I opt out of the new Shadowy themed spec fantasy for Subtlety Rogue and play more of an oldschool, gritty Subtlety Rogue instead?


Are we not able to go back and solo old raids for mounts and tmogs now because of the level squish?


Are the classes going to redone from the ground up. The feel of the classes have been a major downside to bfa.


Highmountain and Lightforged still have only 5 classes while all the other Allied races have seven or more classes. Highmountain still don’t have a cloth option and lightforged don’t have a leather option. Are there plans to unlock one or two classes for either of them, like maybe warlocks for highmountain and monks for lightforged? Are there plans to unlock classes for other races as well, like night elf paladins, or tauren rogues(with grimtotem customization options), or worgen monks and such?


Is Anima something we have to grind for? If so, how is it different from artifact power?


Are Allied Races done for good? Kinda crappy to stop making them before Alliance gets anything they wanted.


Why tinkers didn’t made to the game on shadowlands? We had Mechagnomes and Mechagon, this was the right time to implement it.


Is Pathfinder still going to be the only way to obtain flying in Shadowlands and if so, will it be obtainable early on in the expansion, or several months into it?


So my question goes to Ion regarding the Cosmetic rewards, we have so many of them in Shadowlands that I remember back in Legion we had one big cosmetic reward, the Warglaives of Azzinoth, Us Demon Hunters had the opportunity to get these Iconic glaives as transmog, but they never received an HD update like they should, is it possible that this can be done and if so when can we expect this?

Are covenants considered factions in terms of PVP, or is it still Horde Vs. Alliance as far as that’s concerned?

Also, is War Mode staying in Shadowlands?


Will the weekly chest scale to mythic raid level now that titan forging is no longer in the game? Will it remain -5 item levels below?


Why did Shadowlands not include a new class?


Would it be possible to get more class based armor sets for this expansion? having only one art type for all the plate sets this expansion made things a little bland on the art side.this was the first expansion where i didnt want to collect any of hte armor sets for transmog, which i really enjoy doing, but not for bfa sets. Also any chance that some of the older tier sets might get a graphical update. love the old armor sets but they are starting to show there age. thx!!


It seems like the customization options we’re going to be getting will go a long way toward filling in the blanks when it comes to our options for various races. (Sandfury trolls, Wildhammer dwarves, and maybe even Gilgoblins?) Honestly, this seems like a very neat way to give all of these options without needing to tie them into some allied race quest or faction that requires a lot of extra work. I love it. But I also love the idea of NEW allied races. So my question is will we also see new Allied Races in the Shadowlands expansion?


Will there be any changes made in terms of gearing from PvP in Shadowlands?


How do you think about healer balance with some healers bringing very strong utility and damage (disc priest, holy paladin) and other healers having very little unique or useful to offer in current content?


Why do you feel we do not need a new class, especially after setting up so many hints that tinker would be coming?

Ranged hasn’t had anything new for 15 years, and has even lost one of it’s specs. Now we have to wait another 3 before a chance at something.


How do you tune content like islands / horrific visions / Tower of the Damned to sometimes have a healer or tank and sometimes be all damage dealers and still make healers/tanks feel useful?


How will the level squish affect old world farming, IE going for old Mogs and items?