Megathread: Ogres as Playable Allied race

Ogres are smaller than Taurens and Zandalari trolls by lore.

Well you could just not play ogres too, not all races are for everyone, i don’t play knife ears too.


I still want them. And i’d love a 2 headed option.

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Don’t give up hope friends! We’ll get playable Ogres, sooner or later!

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I don’t know why Bliz doesn’t add Ogres as playable race, just look at all the allied races OP named! All the work already done abs now just needs to get added imo.

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Well, Blizzcon is almost here. The chances of seeing what the next expansion are decent, and while I temper my expectations, I still hope we’ll see Horde Ogres have some role in it, preferably as a playable Horde race.

Will the Horde finally remember they have three clans of Ogres within their ranks and utilize them?

Will the Stonemaul Clan get off their butts and finally retake their home?

Will Dire Maul finally be taken over for the Horde and be home to one of the most epic parties ever?

Will Tharg help us laugh about love again?

Let us hope we see the answers at Blizzcon…

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Well, for what it is worth, I posted an Ogre question in the QnA thread:

I’ll be surprised if it gets answered, but it is worth a shot.

While I’m hopeful to at least see the Horde Ogres get utilized and help out in the next expansion, I feel like they’ll be sleeping through yet another world ending threat. x- x

Hopefully it won’t be 15 more years before we see them playable. <- <

If you want to ask questions for the QnA, you can find the thread here:


Pray to the Earth Giants, Pray to the Magnaron, Pray to the Gronn and serve the Ogron that someday we get Ogres.

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Well, I knew the chances of Horde Ogres being asked about were low, so I’m not surprised that none of the questions asked involved them. I did notice one question in particular that seemed interesting:

"Q: With Mechagnomes wearing armor leglessly, can there be playable races with more or less than 2 legs?

A: Maybe! We like experimenting. New tech for Mechagnomes can be experimented with."

Mainly the experimenting part. I mean, if more than 2 legged races or no-legged races are possible, then I don’t see why Ogres can’t be experimented with to make them playable.

Anyway, unless 8.3 possibly does something, it’s looking like Horde Ogres are again hibernating through another expansion, forgotten by everyone. Guess at this point, I’ll have to hope that the Horde remembers them during Shadowlands to help with the whole kerfuffle Sylvanas has gotten us into, as little chance as that is.

Still, I’ll never give us hope. For better or worse, I’ll still help support Horde Ogres as a playable race. There are still some ideas and writings I want to do in the future, and maybe when the Horde council gets put on live servers, I’ll look into doing my “March of the Stonemaul Clan” idea finally.

Buckle up everyone. We’re in it for the long haul. Let us hope we see Horde Ogres sooner than later! :smiley:

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Nope. Next. :slight_smile:

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Found something of general allied race interest in an interview WowHead posted:

Specficially the last question:

"Any allied races planned for later in the Shadowlands?

Allied races should feel thematically appropriate. A lot of the races encountered at the end of Legion and BFA fit, as people we discovered become embroiled in the wars we’re fighting and both sides are looking for reinforcements, but Shadowlands doesn’t really have that feeling at the start. It’s something they’ll look at and see how players react to certain races, but nothing is planned for the launch of Shadowlands."

While I’m expecting Horde Ogres to once again continue to hibernate through Shadowlands, the interesting thing to note is the last sentence, regarding seeing how players react to certain races. While the context is meant towards races that appear in current expansions, it does tell me, to a certain extent, that Blizzard does look at feedback when deciding playable races.

In some cases, it takes awhile for some requested races to become playable. Mag’har and Dark Iron Dwarves, for example, took years of requests before they became playable. Even boneless customization for Forsaken is coming up with the next expansion.

While not a guarantee we’ll see a race playable, showing support of some sort is a good thing, even if it may be awhile before we potentially see any results. It’s a reason I type a lot for this megathread and few others for the races I want playable. It’s better to show support of some sort instead of silently hoping. As such, I’ll continue to support Ogres with ideas, writings, and other things occasionally as best as I can.

For better or worse, I’ll always support Ogres as a playable Horde race. :japanese_ogre:


Yes. Next

and we all know how that end up, people get over hyped by shiny new things and blizzard gives anyway

just keep the flame alive i maybe not around here for a time

Good to see this thread is still going. Playable Ogres = :+1:

I still prefer Mok’nathal over Ogres but I’d play an Ogre any day. Still don’t understand why they weren’t added before or after the Goblins. They actually should’ve been added before BE’s imo.

Keep the dream alive.


So awhile back I wrote my own scenario idea regarding Dustwallow Marsh and the Stonemaul Ogres getting their home back in a few posts within this megathread. I’m thinking of planning out a scenario around Dire Maul in Feralas, since that is also a loose thread regarding the Stonemaul Clan Ogres.

I mentioned a few Dire Maul related ideas before in this megathread, and with recent events, it throws a few wrenches into some of them, but I might be able to make it work. I’ll have to do some research on a few things, of course, so it will be awhile before I type something up.

The purpose of it is just to illustrate some ideas of implementing Ogres as a playable race, focusing on the Stonemaul Ogres of course, and tying up the many loose ends with them that have yet to be resolved.

Also, with 8.3 coming early next year, we’ll likely see the Horde council in Orgimmar. I’ll have to take a look to see what they do with the council, but I assume they’ll be standing in Grommash Hold. It’ll be good to see a more friendly version of the Horde’s leadership when I am able to do my “March of the Stonemaul” idea.

Even through the darkest days, this fire burns…always! :smiley:


Playable Ogres should be a thing, but personally I’d go for Stonemaul rather than ANYTHING from Draenor.


Gimme dem Ogre Warlocks.

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Some of us have wanted Ogres since the beginning. Along with a school bus mount :smiley:

Every race has its detractors. Just look at the distaste for Vulpera. That’s no reason to not have Ogres. An Ogre presence in the Horde is long overdue.


I noticed in another thread you mentioned you wrote a scenario for Vulpera(?). Was wondering if you write scenarios for all your toons? Do you feel you have to write a scenario/story for any toon you make or is it just the ones you really enjoy?

Just dawned on me after reading this that with the Horde council being finally implemented that Rexxar might have more of a say or carry more weight. Not sure if he’s on the council but I doubt anyone would keep him off being that he has been with the Horde longer then anyone on the council if memory serves.

He could suggest recruiting the Ogres or my favorite Mok’nathal. I think Ogres carry more weight in forums and have been wanted far longer so I could see them coming first and opening the way for Mok’nathal in the future. I still never understood why Ogres didn’t get made around Cata. Was hoping for them instead of Goblins tbh.

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Ogre Shamans? Hell Yeah!, long long overdue… it’s said a core race of the horde isn’t playable… why can’t they use the female Kul’tiran model for female ogre if they want a quick fat model it’s just easy too.

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I could support this…but you would really need to hit a home run on alternative race for alliance side, otherwise might as well put in a fork in them after vulpera.
Vrykul would probably be the only thing that would balance it out to me.

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When I use the term “scenario,” I usually refer to typing up something with NPC’s that you would see in-game or is just used as a concept to promote ideas and support for the race the particular megathread was themed after. It’s similar to some of the writings I did for the San’layn megathread, but I did do it for this megathread and also at least one piece for the Vulpera megathread. I do plan to do some of that for my Saurok megathread at some point as well.

In the case of Ogres, I wrote three posts of a questline, meant as a conceptual idea which acts as a way to reintroduce Ogres as they reclaim their home in Dustwallow Marsh. If you’re interested in seeing those posts, you can find them with the following links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

They’re not perfect of course, and the story has since changed when I did type these up, but some ideas can still kinda work.

As for my actual player characters, I do think of backstory for the majority of them. I’ve mentioned this before a few times, but I am planning to type up fiction involving them in different groups on adventures, similar to how you might see a Dungeons and Dragons campaign play out. It’s a fun thing to plan out, but it’ll be awhile before I really get started thanks to real life obligations, such as working towards my career.

Rexxar doesn’t really strike me as someone that would want to stay in a city, let alone help run it. While it could work, it would be good to see an Ogre leader, in the case of the Stonemaul Clan this would be Tharg, speaking for the Horde Ogres on the council. This would also leave Rexxar as a potential leader for Mok’nathal if they ever become playable in some fashion.

Speaking of Rexxar, I haven’t seen him in a long while, and given how he was all gung-ho of killing Jaina, I’m not sure what he really thinks of the recent events of “making peace” with the Alliance once again. I do know that in Stormwind, many of the Alliance leaders and notable named NPC’s were placed around the embassy with thoughts on recent events, but I haven’t heard of the Horde getting their version yet, assuming they will get one. I assume Rexxar would be around in the area and we would see what he says about the situation.

It does seem like a good thing to keep an eye out for.

The Stonemaul Clan is the one Ogre clan that makes the most sense to have as the playable Ogre faction for many reasons. Namely, they have had history with the Horde since Warcraft III and are already part of the Horde. Not to mention that the Stonemaul Clan, as I’ve said over and over again in this megathread, totally owes the Horde quite a bit for what they have done for them. It’s a reason why it baffles me that the Horde doesn’t utilize them for anything, such as nameless grunts fighting in various battles in BfA or helping against world ending threats.

In my personal opinion, Vrykul would make a great Alliance counterpart to Horde Ogres getting playable. I’ll list my reasoning for them again:

  1. Both are big, savage races.
  2. They both make their own ships (Orc ships are designed from Ogre ships) and make excellent shipwrights.
  3. They are both the progenitors of Humans (Vrykul) and Orcs (Ogres).

I’m sure there are other races you could pair with Horde Ogres, and new pairs of races don’t necessarily have to have some sort of relation or interaction with the other. This particular pair just seems fitting, in my opinion.