Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve in the Weeks to Come

In Visions of N’Zoth, the Legendary cloak Ashjra’kamas awaits you, and it brings with it a very valuable aspect: Corruption Resistance. Increasing the cloak’s level allows you to endure a greater amount of Corruption from your other gear, in addition to providing significant statistical increases and other benefits. Those upgrades to the cloak will come with time and effort in Horrific Visions, and upgrading the cloak beyond level 5 will require retrieving powerful items from the deeper (and more challenging) portions of Horrific Visions.

After your cloak has reached level 5, you can upgrade it to level 6 and beyond (all the way to level 15) as quests unlock to provide this, with a new step becoming available each week after the first. The quests to further upgrade the cloak will be sequentially available to you once they’re unlocked. If you’re still working on the quest from two weeks ago, as soon as you complete it, you’ll be able to immediately start on the quest from last week, and then the current week.

If you’re not caught up with the maximum available level of the cloak, whether that’s due to missing a few Horrific Visions at some point, or switching characters, or joining Visions of N’Zoth much later than most players, you’ll be able to complete all of the prior weeks’ quests in sequence, until you’re fully caught up.


Will it eventually be able to tell me why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?


Does Wrathion name his cloaks by trying to talk with his mouth full?


There’s really only one thing I want to know about this new cloak, will it allow us access to Ordos?




Well this will take a while to finish. o.O

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Wrathion can keep his silly blanket. I’ll take his backpack though!

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Yes, but it would eventually consume your mind and thoughts as you discovered the secret.


This cloak is blatant P2W.

Pay to Wait


What raid tier was lost for this cloak? :raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_man:


I’m so glad we didn’t have weekly lockouts since Vanilla, or weekly obtains from BC/LK/Cata/MoP/WoD/Legion. Wait…


You can try justifying it all you want.

It doesn’t change what it is.

But this game has always done that, so it’s fine right?


Those weekly lockouts weren’t tied to an item that you have to upgrade just so that you can equip gear without killing yourself.


Little confused, are we getting this cloak day 1, and leveling it up is time gated? Or is the whole thing time gated? Do we know how many Tuesdays this will take to complete? And will there be mission table/rep gates along with it?

Uh… Asking for a friend >.>


You get a 3 hour quest chain that unlocks the patch features and gives you the cloak. Then you gradually upgrade it through the process Kaivax described.


It’s been a core element of the game since its inception. Yes it’s fine that it remains, as it was a core element when it was created. A problem would occur if they changed that recipe.

You can equip gear without killing yourself easily with the corruption system, you just cleanse it. If you want the bonuses, you have to wait, just like all the times you had to wait to get big dps upgrades from final bosses like Glaives for warriors/rogues, bows for hunters, items from LK, embers from hyjal, shards for rogues from DS, rep for cloak in MoP, ring upgrades from HFC, trinket upgrades from Argus. The only difference here is it’s slightly annoying that you have to save potential upgrades (though anybody who will be doing this, already does that). There’s nothing really new about this system, major dps upgrades are locked behind weeks of farming.


So I think from this post that the first week we can get it to level 5, then the next week level 6 and so on?

It kind of makes sense because with the system they’ve set up to be able to endlessly grind the mementos currency you use to pay your way into a horrific visions some people could no life it and get ridiculously ahead of the rest of the playerbase.

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Cool, more time-gated bullsht.


In a roundabout way though, not grinding for honor to rank 14, did put yourself at risk of dying when fighting against players that did do the grind. At least until raiding gear (roughly AQ40ish) became more mainstay.

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Does this mean if your one of those people who is caught up then you are just time gated because they have not released the next set of quests?

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