8.3 Thread

Then that talent tree thing that needs to be maxed out before you can buy the backpack omg… yeah it’s not going to be very fast for me, we are 2 people in i420ish gear. A full party in mythic+ gear would do bigger clears and get more mementos.

Not really? its capped at 6 this week and goes up by one every week after so you can’t no life it. It’s actually more beneficial to not do more than one vision a week after this one because then after your cloak is capped then you can start grinding for gem sockets and the cosmetics so…

People in here making it sound harder than it is.

Wait what, isn’t it capped at 12 next week?

That is definitely better if not, slower but better.

Wrathion help Garrosh escape to “WoD”. In Turn this brought Gul’dan back. Gul’dan killed Varian.

Wait boosts start in naz now? I literally boosted a monk because I bought shadowlands like two days before 8.3

It’s capped at six this week not because that’s the total amount of Vessels you can acquire, but because Wrathion simply won’t give you the quest for rank 7. Next week, he’ll start giving out the quest for rank 7, the week after that, he’ll give out rank 8, etc. This is a universal timegate, not a per-character one—if you start late, you can get as many upgrades as you have Vessels until you catch up.

Source: Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve in the Weeks to Come

yeah, they changed the boost to give you like…390? ilvl armor and the quest to start the Naz expedition, and the 8.3 intro quest

I believe you need the Heart Forge quest done before the 8.3 questline triggers. That means you need to do the quest to unlock world quests, which allows the Nazjatar questline to trigger, and then do the Nazjatar questline until you get to the point where Magni sends you to unlock essences.

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gromboli stew

demonic flavor

ah so this is how the thread dies

a death by a million cuts, and a hot helping of my worst joke yet

That is a relief, only doing 1 upgrade a week is way more manageable. I can’t believe I’m even going to be current though if I get the 6th tonight, cool :smiley:

Gives me more time to finish grinding mechagnome rep :sweat:

what amazes me about this expansion

the real cherry on top of all of it

is that no matter how many more ways they introduce to give us new armor, the amount of ways to get new weapons, rings and trinkets stays the same

and that is…rng? tbh I don’t even know anymore. my hunter has like 430 gear and 350 rings at this point im too tired to look

I have barely touched this patch and already I am hearing people telling me to log off and wait for Shadowlands.

Is it really as complicated and annoying as folks are making it out to be? Between a50+ hour week, writing campaign modules and fleshing out the homebrew world and sorting out my family’s messes, every hour between work and sleep is vital.

After starting the patch, I just feel really discouraged at the stretch ahead of me. I think I’ll wait until they implement more catch-up mechanics.

The most alluring thing for me is the prospect of a rumored new Allied Race. I’ll grind for that, but as far as the structure of the patch goes, it just doesn’t speak to me.

I feel like all the enthusiasm I’ve had is being chipped away.

Ah, well. Hopefully Bannerlord soon.

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No one on Blizzard’s design team must have any alts, because getting all of my characters to the point that they are able to get their cloak is just sadistic even with the ability to skip the solo scenarios.

Correction: with the ability to skip SOME of the solo scenarios. Because you have to do the one with Wrathion every single time for some ungodly reason.

and after going through it on three different characters so far, I’ve yet to get through the N’Zoth attack on the Heart Chamber without dying.

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All this just reaffirms my decision to opt out of WoW a year ago.

I’ve got 5.2 in FFXIV coming up next month, RE3 in April, Greymoor in ESO in May, and Bloodlines 2 later this year.


Annoying? Yeah. Complicated? Not really. The introduction quest throws you a lot of ideas at once, but they’re all variations of existing ideas, and you cant do enough a day to really confuse you

I don’t really mind the extra steps and obstacles. More quests are good, in my opinion. Argus had like 4 quests in each zone and it was disappointing as heck. These intro quests have done N’zoth better justice than I was expecting. He’s actually doing… clever things and not just “rawr smash oh heroes blegh dead”.

My biggest complaint is the tuning. Who in their right mind made quest objectives shared? Who thought forcing players to compete and develop animosity towards one another was a good idea? Who thought flying around for 20 minutes looking for a single eyeball was a good idea?

Not to mention the obscene difficulty of quests with Classic levels of drop rates, which doesn’t help the competition for mobs at all. It takes me well over an hour to do my dailies. Most of that is flying around looking for mobs people have already scoured from the face of Azeroth.

There are also countless bugs across the board that are plain offensive. We literally could not do one daily because the quest items would not spawn for people who finished the Uldum assault. Apparently the auction house is having bugs that are costing players hundreds of thousands of gold.

I like the content here, in all honesty. I like the visions and I think the assaults are neat and visually interesting. It’s cool that you can just show up anywhere in the assault and do something to contribute to it. If they fixed the tuning and addressed the bugs (which should have been addressed in PTR) this would have been a solid patch for me personally.

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The same people who ran an ad campaign called “It Matters” and who think the toxic animosity between Horde and Alliance Players are a triumph of their storytelling and not a failure to moderate their own community.

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