Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve in the Weeks to Come

a whole lot of words to say “enjoy your huge time-gated grind just to be able to fight the last boss.” they know everyone is about to cancel sub until shadowlands once they see nzoth die.

i hear the frenzied “its a business!” zombies approaching so i’ll just say, this is one more, of the millions upon millions, of negative consequences of money driven economy. nobody seems to fear what replaces fun for fun’s sake, when the motivation instead becomes how to exploit others for money, but they should. because it is a continual degradation of humanity.


People complaining about time gating. It was always time gated. Only real change is you aren’t perminantly screwed if you mess up a single run or miss a week or come back later. I’m not sure any of you realized the amount of stress this blue post just removed from most players that ACTUALLY know how all this works and have invested any time in ptr at all.


We were always going to be timegated just by the amount of coalescing visions we could collect in one week (sloot recently did a video about min-maxing collecting these). With this change, this prevents people from getting too far behind if they start later, either as a new player or a fresh alt. Aka this doesn’t impact those that were going to stay current regardless.


Most players don’t know how it works and would come to the forums SUPER angry when they mess up their first horrific vision and realize they are permanently behind everyone else.


What rank will be unlocked initially. And what is the schedule for the rest of the unlocks?

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The why I am seeing it is eventually you hit a time gate where you can’t progress your cape even if you have enough visions to enter, due to next upgrade quests not being unlocked. Giving people who did mess up on their visions chances to catch up.

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I’m a little confused on how the time gating will work … Are they saying that in the first week of 8.3, I can get my cloak to level 5, and the each subsequent week, it’s only one level per quest (per week)?

Or are they saying that in the first week of 8.3, I can only get my cloak to level 2, and then one level per quest each subsequent week?

Gotta say this is pretty awful. I was looking forward to being able to hard grind my cloak and be done with it in 5 ish weeks. Now it will take as long as blizzard deems appropriate.

A catch up mechanics for people who fail runs is fine, but dont limit the top end. This is the complaint people have had with most of the content in the game with time gating

0/10 do not want


It also prevents you from getting ahead. Before this restriction you could get your cloak to 8 or 9 on week 2, now it’s capped at 7 for the entire week. Which means you have to wait even longer before you start equipping more corrupted gear.

It’s just your typical Blizzard time-gated nonsense designed to drive this patch until Shadowlands in the fall. Ion already said there’s no plans for an 8.3.5.

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Well, from what I understand, it’s possible to do like 2-4 horrific visions per week.
So if they are capping the amount of levels we can gain per week to 1, then I’m thinking we’ll have at least 2-4 tries per week to finish the quest and upgrade the cloak?

Not sure, but if that’s how it works, it’s only upside I can see to this time-gating nonsense.

Its some where in the realm of 30-40 weeks to be 100% done with the cloak.


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A previous blue post just said it wouldn’t take 15 weeks to get cape to rank 15 so you think it would be more than one level per week. Plus once you get rank 15 you have to start the corruption resistance grind which is 3 per week.

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The downside being that some players will end up waiting longer to equip corrupted items because this week they just don’t have enough resistance but after the next Tuesday reset, they’ll have it.

So less stress for players who might have failed the HV or missed the week, but slight punishment and/or annoyance to players who want to push things.

You don’t know how it works. That only gets it to rank 15. After it is at rank 15 you have to continue to upgrade its corruption resistance from 50 to 125 at a rate of 3 per week. That is 25 weeks minimum.

So if its 9 weeks and then 25 weeks, that is 34 weeks.

If rank 15 does take 9 weeks, then Aug 1st is the first week you can be done with the cape unless they change stuff.

But were those counts with the bugged biweekly reset of lesser visions (or something along those lines) that happened on Saturdays? Roughly if you were getting as many visions as Method you could get 4 every single week. But for most people 3.5 horrific vessels/week would have been the normal cap.

My info is from listening to towelliee‘s stream while watching Sloot’s vision guide, and a person from Complexity limit saying that the amount of visions we got per week on ptr being bugged/not intended

Out of curiosity - Will there be any other bonuses to the cloak apart from the corruption resistance? Say in particular, one that would be beneficial to bring along Timewalking instances? :open_mouth:

On another note, boy would is it gonna feel Déjà vu getting another Legendary cloak for the good of Azeroth – working along side with my good friend Wrathion again. :grin:

Wait, in another thread people were complaining about if they missed a week or played an alt they would be forever behind and how unfair it was.

Now that’s fixed and different people complain.


At rank 6 it gains a on use ability to remove all corruption effects for 6 seconds. At rank 13 it gets a primary stat proc chance when using your abilities or spells .