As a Non-LFR Player - Slime Cat SHOULD be in LFR

Sorry for the confusion!

Demon Hunters weren’t nerfed enough.

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I just don’t get why Blizz is causing drama over a mount that was presented to the entire community in the first place. Just let people get the mount how they want…

Come on, Blizz. Do the thing and take the win. It’s not even a “real” season - it’s supposed to be for fun and to experiment with raid loot anyway. Not cause drama over a mount!


Because this isn’t a Glory mount.

This isn’t an AOTC mount.

This is the first “Fated” mount and Blizz has effectively negated any allure Fated LFR had.

You can’t show me precedent that says this mount should be Normal Fated or higher because none has ever existed.

Likewise, I can show you multiple “on any difficulty” screenshots.


Panda challenge mode phoenix’s, book mount from new mage tower. There are plenty of examples. Here’s what it comes down to if you want it get it if not quit crying. Blizz obviously wants people to put effort in to getting it that’s why they made the change. So either do it or don’t idc

I agree, if you want the reward from an achievement (like the CM and Tower rewards), then you do what’s listed as the requirement of the achievement(s):

If we do the fated raids on ANY difficulty, like the achievements state, we should get the reward.


If Blizzard really wanted people to put an effort on it, this will be like mage tower a permanent feature with escalation to a minimum ilvl instead of a weird limited content…a permanent feature similar to the mage tower will promote more normal raiding that this kind of approach that just increase boosting.

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I wonder if that’s why they put it on NORMAL difficulty and not mythic… Put in the effort and quit crying

You obviously do care because you’re posting over and over making a total mess of yourself, and you can’t admit you’re wrong.


Where am I wrong other than in your opinion?

Effort? Meanwhile Blizzard community manager want more friendly boostings around this reward, there’s not effort if players will be part of friendly or gold boost. It’s just annoying for a lot of players to look for this kind of groups and this change from any raid to normal should had been announced earlier.


To get the mount, you need to complete the achievement “Fates of the Shadowlands Raids”:

You’re wrong because you apparently fail to understand what “on any difficulty” means.

Homie you do realize blizzards actions of changing this backs up my opinion of a typo right? I’m not wrong you are :wink:

Then why did they change it if it’s not a typo?

Why didn’t they update the achievements if it was a typo?


Ya it’s just silly in all honesty, instead of promoting gameplay in season 4 since SL has become less played in 9.2 onward, it’s them doing decisions that work against it since there are I imagine a growing number of people who simply do not care to raid or guild find or pug just to get a mount.

Because they have to push code to do that…

Or, you’re a troll and know you’re wrong.

They’ve put out hotfixes for less.