As a Non-LFR Player - Slime Cat SHOULD be in LFR

This was never promoted as a Glory mount or an AOTC Mount requiring at least Normal or Heroic.

It has been a Fated mount since its inception and LFR Fated should be more than enough.


No one is talking about gear, genius. It’s a MOUNT. One listed as “ANY DIFFICULTY.”

Good lord. :roll_eyes:

No one is asking for the Fated rewards y’all get for Heroic+ or better gear. Just the mount ANY DIFFICULTY was supposed to get.

Great point why the outrage now when you have to do higher difficulty to get what you want now

Aotc mounts say hi :slight_smile:

The real funny thing is OP wants to throw shade at people that do LFR and “AFK”, but if you actually look at his logs, he’s AFK-ing his HC runs, which is far worse.
9% parse on lords of dread.
19% parse on The Jailer.

Like c’mon man.


This isn’t AOTC. Heroic Fated already has its own rewards. Stop acting obtuse.

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Because it was, and still is, listed as “any difficulty” on the achivs. Those achivs are visible since months ingame on retail. And the only clarification that it doesnt include LFR was through a random blue post. Not even part of the big post but a random bluepost in a meanwhile 1.2k posts long thread.


Except he hasn’t. What are you on about? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wonder if they made it blue for those that did it on LFR only would people still want the recolor?

Lmao yikes.

I think he meant the other guy. OP as in who I was responding to.

AotC achievements specifically call out what raid difficulty you need to get it.

The new season 4 mount achievement says to do the raids on ANY difficulty.

I know you’re just a troll, but try to be consistent…


I already suggested a different color for each level of raidi.

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Oh my bad. I’m so confused.

I mean I’d take it for sure. Don’t know how much I’d use it tho but it looks cool!

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Omg no a typo I bet you have never done that before…

This would have been a better way to handle it.

Hmm, usually a typo is a one-off, and yet…


Thats not a typo. Especially not on 3 different achivs.

Also i can disregard you from the get go given you immediately tried to defame the OP by saying he wants to afk through it himself.



My bad, I was multi-tasking.

I meant the DH.