As a Non-LFR Player - Slime Cat SHOULD be in LFR

I don’t make many threads here, but I did feel like voicing my opinion here in hopes that it helps my fellow players. I’m a heroic raider, and I enjoy doing m+ quite a bit, and I actively avoid LFR. However, I do feel this mount SHOULD be available on LFR for a few reasons.

  1. The Decision is Inconsistent

Slime cat is one of four mounts presented to us, the ENTIRE community, as a vote at the start of SL. The tree was gifted to us and the Soaring Spelltome was placed inside the Mage Tower. Neither of the these require a premade group.

While the Soaring Spelltome is locked behind difficult content, it is 100% solo, and the player does not have to rely on anyone else. The player can just work on it at their own pace, even more-so now that the MT is open 24/7.

  1. No casual/solo Season 4 Content

There is currently no planned content for these players in Season 4. Outdoor content is not being adjusted in any way for these players. This one thing would at least give these players something to strive for.

  1. S4 is basically a “for fun” season anyway - No Drama!

Blizz, if you had just made this available on LFR from the get go, no one would’ve batted an eye. No one would be making threads saying “slime cat should ONLY drop on higher difficulties!!!”…

Just take the W, Blizz. Keeping it this one has no real positive impact on anyone, but changing it would have a positive impact on so many players. Let’s just go into DF on a positive note!! :smiley:


Almost 3800 posts.


I said threads, not posts.

Got me, bro. Lol


Did they update lfr with the fated mechanics? Then there is just as much content for “these players” being added as there is for everyone else your literally just mad you can’t afk in lfr for your mount


… he doesn’t even run LFR. And this lie about AFKing needs to stop.


Raiders are getting raid content. M+'ers are getting M+ content. Non-raiders/solo players are getting what for their content?

??? What in the world is wrong with some people…


Idk you tell me you can’t even formulate a actual argument against my post. You just immediately jump to saying there’s something wrong with me.

This is the problem Blizzard caused by treating LFR like it’s lesser. They put casuals against elitists again and created a toxic environment again.

No one cared when it was “any difficulty.” Now that it’s not, suddenly the toxic ones come out of the woodwork to belittle and dismiss others.


So, by default, if someone wants it to drop on LFR as well then that person, personally, wants to get it “for free”?


beanasaurus has been trolling these types of threads since yesterday. dont mind him. hes not worth any responses


Is he wrong?

“As a non LFR player” is his title, and you call him mad that he can not get the mount in LFR. like come on man.

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It is lesser the fact you haven’t figured that out yet and are still here crying is astounding it has literally always been do more difficult content for better rewards. Nobody is stoping you but yourself period.

You: They get just as much content… Insert salty addition to post because u mad.

Me: responds to part about content


Me: ???

I asked you a question which you didn’t even respond to because you knew I was right…

Exactly - I just don’t get why Blizz would even want to create drama over this. They are spending the effort to make LFR raids fated… Why take away the reward from content they themselves put effort into?



False. It’s the same boss fights, still has trash and mechanics and drops gear and mounts and TIER. It’s another raid level and shouldn’t be treated as anything else.

You’re just here to pick a fight like the others who didn’t care before but suddenly do now.

Literally no one is crying. :roll_eyes:

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I know Blizzard is trying to pressure LFR heroes into trying normal mode, but I think this is the wrong way to do it.


Correct and if you want the better rewards you do higher difficulty… It is lesser

Baffling that I push higher content than you do, and you come at me about wanting to sit in LFR on a mount.

You’re just a troll. Must suck to wake up and be so angry.

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Lol your the only one angry here