Artifact transmog-no longer spec specific


So we can play dual wield Unholy and 2H Fury? (sorta) or are the artifacts just becoming normal weapon mogs?

You can select the frost “artifact weapon double 1h swards” appearance even if you are using a 2h as frost yes. You can even test this in live now. It works.

Once this change the OP is talking about is implemented you can use the frost “artifact weapon double 1h swards” as UH spec

I know it’s an odd thing, but I just wish appearances and variation progress were fully account/class-wide. I mistakenly unlocked the mage tower appearances on my alliance DK, and now my horde DK is my main and one true love. He has access to the transmogs, but can’t unlock the other color variations while on that character nor are they displayed in Acherus.

Great news :slight_smile:

Will I be able to use an artifact weapon look for another class?

I have a real nice Hunter Polearm weapon look that I would like to use for my Druid.

No Raden in Nya, the mobs before it put that nasty debuff that means casters generally get into melee range to attack. Having a wand would just be a ranged auto attack for the casters.

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Oh all of our casters always got into melee range.

That is not the case here. This update will make spec-restricted transmog looks class-wide.


Does this also include the druid artifact forms as well? I picked up the guardian mage tower appearance just in case I could use it as other specs in the future. This would be so awesome if I can choose it in the new barber shop form selection.

What about unlocking it so that you are not locked into an Ugly off-hand that is linked to the artifact weapon. For example, on my shaman I would like to use the Mage tower MH weapon with a pvp shield from Pandaria, however I cannot due to the MH being linked with the OH on that artifact.


How’s about letting wands or daggers be transmogged into other stuff? Or let my Shaman look like they’re wielding a 2 hander :smiley:

Apocalypse Balance of Power as 2H Frost here I freakin come!

The link if anyone is looking into this.

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This was the right thing to do and I applaud Blizzard for making a sensible decision.

Please make the class hall titles account wide.


Forms are no longer bound to artifacts, it’s all on the barber shop now, whatever forms you unlocked you just visit barber and choose, that inlcudes those unlocked via glyphs as well.

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now if they could only remove the armor set restrictions, I have a balance druid but obtained the warlords shadow moon cloth set which would look dope on my night elf. None the less this is good news.

2 questions, if a arms warrior mogs the fury artifact will they be able to wield just one or be stuck holding both. And will I be able to mix and match my duel wielding stuff, like doomhmer in one hand but a axe that isn’t a artifact in the other, or as a dk just one blade of the fallen prince and a different weapon in other hand?

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Great news.

However, is it possible to look into being able to use different skins in each dual wielding Legion skin set? Like, Outlaw Rogue using two different skins for each weapon for their Legion legendary?


Now I no longer have to feel bad that I didn’t complete the resto druid mage tower! I can just use the manascythe (which I did manage to collect) whenever I use the spec!

All is right with the universe now.