Artifact transmog-no longer spec specific

This is really important.

NOT to say I don’t appreciate this - I am downright ecstatic.

I’d just love to know if I could, say, use the Paladin Flail alongside a different shield. Not that I don’t like the shield, I just have more signature options for that character.

Change doesn’t do anything for quite a few specs though. Prot Warrior/Paladin get nothing from this change for example. Same with MW/BM with Windwalker weapons.

I hope they seperate swords from shields. Imagine single minded fury with 2 flails


Best thing about the new expansion, right here. My warlock will soon never take off his Affliction artifact, regardless of spec.

I’m psyched for this but confused as to why its all that difficult…? “Working on it”.
Traits are all inactive, yes? Shouldnt it be a simple coding fix?

Thats the real question right there.

its not like it would have worked anyway

Shame they still won’t fix Shadow Priest so I won’t really make much use of this. The Disc weapon is gorgeous but I won’t touch Priest again unless they remove Void Form.

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At last my ret paladin can use that huge hammer, as the light intended.

I’m glad I’ll be able to run around with my mage tower unholy weapon as blood now.

Going to be weird to see some of the others though such as holy/prot paladins wielding Ashbringer instead or Arms warriors looking like they are dual wielding. Unless you still need the corresponding weapon setup for the look and I’m just misunderstanding.

Well that’s pretty sweet, I guess me torturing myself to get all but 2 mage tower skins (holy pally and blood DK) wasn’t for nothing after all. Warlock I only play fire but love the sythe… and disc priest is the best staff in the game I think. So many options to think about… ooh how about double arms swords ooohhh…

I’m just pumped about being able to use the brewmaster staff in heal spec. Super exciting, might even start healing again because of it.

I’m just glad I can get rid of that ugly fist weapon. Macess are the only way to go.

I plan to heal in bear form…

Goooood… goooood… I need the Scepter of Sargeras for my Affliction transmog.

When is the last time any Mage, Warlock, or Priest used the shoot command with a wand in their rotation if they go out of mana? TBC or Wrath…

Will we be able to mix n match with them?

Can my warrior use the mage tower appearance for my weapon and use a regular shield?

Or are the 2fer1 appearances still both or none?

Raden says hi.

In MoP? I’m just talking about wand auto attack.

Guess I’ll need to get the other warglaives. Didn’t think I’d ever have a use for them since I have no plans to tank, and good looking glaives are fairly rare in this game (none at all in BfA, ick).