Artifact transmog-no longer spec specific

THANK YOU! Reading all the news recently is awesome. Some stuff looks really good, some stuff needs to be discussed some more but this change is so good. Thank you for giving us the freedom to use the artifacts on our class for every spec. Artifacts are some of the best weapon models in the game, and with them being “dead” lore wise it only made sense.

I’ve been making threads about this since the start of BfA so this is exciting in the way of customization. Being able to transmog Ashbringer as a holy Paladin or truthguard as a holy Paladin Is awesome. Allows for a lot more creativity. Thank you for this change!


Is this real ? Haven’t read all the new stuff yet.

Yes sir. It’s in the interview with Morgan Day from today. Can check wowhead or mmo-champion for a TLDR on all of the interviews, there were a lot today.

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There is a god!
But important question solely for like enh shamans…

Can I mog the artifact offhand onto my main hand?

I must know


Best news yet. Already have plans for my Arms Warrior and those Fury axes.


Of this is true, thos could be worth millions.

Can i get the link, i want to sjare it with my friends

Nice, now if they can fix it so Wands can be transmogged to be non-wands, that’d be great.


Check mmo-champion, has a really good TLDR for each interview that happened today. Morgan day is the one who was interviewed that talked about it. MrGM interviewed him.

“In Shadowlands, Legion artifact weapon transmog will not be limited to spec. If you have the look for the artifact weapon, you can transmog it in any spec!” Is the tldr

I would finally have my magic staff that trows bolts! I want that niw

Thanks !

This would be nice, but a few friends posited a reason as to why this is:
because wands are technically ranged weapons and have a ‘shoot’ command as opposed to melee, it makes things…weird.

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That is amazing. Will finally be able to use Aff lock mage tower skin regardless of the spec.

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Yep! Super awesome for everyone really. The artifacts are awesome looking weapons, was so sad that we couldn’t mog 2/3 or 3/4 of them in our main specs. This is such a good change.

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finally. come to ret daddy, holy hammers


Yes, I know about that. The easiest way to fix it without removing the “shoot” ability would be to give any caster weapon a shoot animation. Well, that, or remove the shoot ability/animation from wands.

It just infuriates me that my Goblin Warlock’s transmog ability is very limited because he main hand is a fricking wand. /sigh

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Hello balance scythe! Goodbye ugly feral daggers!


Oh no, I feel that.
My mage is stuck with a wand for now, so I can’t use their frost mt appearance. x.x

Ok…! But when do I get to xmog to the girl version of black mageweave or lofty leggings? I’m… to sexy for these man pants. Too sexy for this irradiated undercoat. Too… sexy… POW for this thong!

OOOOOO I’m taking the Arms Warrior Axes and putting them on my Kul Tiran Fury Chunker. So pure.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Perhaps I should do today’s emissary on my Warlock since it’s a weapon cache. Maybe I will get lucky and get a dagger/sword/staff.

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