Artifact transmog-no longer spec specific

So does that mean druids can have all the artifact Cat form/Bear forms? No matter the spec?

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I finally get my quiver.

I’m freaking out in joy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Being able to mix and match would be an insanely good change on top of this. I have no idea if we can or not but we were able to in legion and the creativity that came with that was amazing. It was sad to see that changed.

Being able to use the prot artifact shield but a different sword/mace/axe or vice versa would be fantastic. Hopefully they consider this. Being able to use all of our artifacts for our class is already an amazing change, this would probably make it perfect. Happy either way though, just figured I’d mention it.

It’s definitely a great change, and the wands to non-wands would be great as well. I’d also like to see staves be able to be transmogged into polearm styles (and vice versa)!

Yes, they will become “unlocks” in the barber shop. :slight_smile:

Could I get some clarifications here?

  • Does the current transmog rules apply for Artifacts? Thinking specifically along the lines of using something that doesn’t match a spec. For example, would using the Arms artifact appearances when in Fury spec result in a very rapidly attacking warrior with a single two-handed weapon? Or would a Ret-specced paladin using the Prot appearance (both the sword & board)?
  • If the previous answer is “no”, is mix-and-matching of Artifact appearances possible?

Well, thanks for the reply.

Windwalker is going back to being able to choose between duel weld and 2handers…

My monk is hyped to be able to mog brewmaster staff!

are their plans to seperate shields from the weapons? Some of the swords would look good with single minded fury not to mention dual wielding flails

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Would definitely be awesome if that was the plan. I’m happy enough with this change for sure but allowing us to mix and match between main hands and off hands would be perfect. Same with sword/shield. We were able to do this in legion, I’m unsure why it was changed but hopefully it gets changed back at some point especially now that they’re seemingly allowing more creativity with this change in general which is awesome.

What about illusion transmogs for Artifact Weapons Kaivax? Possibility?