Artifact transmog-no longer spec specific

I just know that if I level up my dk, I will still use DW. And have my covenant mog plus the MT sword color matching the anima of the zone (like red matching ravendreth). Cause the internal effect looks so much like anima.

Another quote I saw was if you can equip it you can mog it. Unholy has no dual wield animations

what is shadowlands? is it blizzards experiment with listening to player requests, feedback, ideas?

Tick tick product cycle. Don’t worry they’ll go back to ignoring us with 10.0.

We’ll have to see. My quote was from Morgan day who gave the interview but we’re just gonna need to test it first. Still exciting regardless but that would be even better of course.

It may be on a spec by spec basis. Holy pally can equip two handed swords/maces and obviously 1h/shield and has animations for them so I think we’d get access to all of them. However it may be a different case for DKs and other specs.

Oh thank goodness! That’s greaaaaaaaaat!

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There will probably be some restrictions. I probably won’t be able to dual-wield Strom’kar.

No, you probably will.
I mean, people were in Legion with some clever use of a glyph for battle shout I think it was?

i wonder how mage tower will be treated

What do you mean?

the mage tower appearance

No no I know that.
I was asking for clarification in regards to how you think it would be treated and why.

Dude put your pants back on Nobody and I mean nobody wants to see that…and seriously lay off the roids cause that just embarrassing.

Warlock got a staff, happy day, so many transmog options opened up for me.

Although the secondaries on the staff leave a lot to be desired, but being able to use something other than a wand is just so awesome.

Is it a character you do higher-end content on? If so, yeah the secondaries not being good hurts. x.x

So, umm, prot paladins can finally equip the Silverhand and roleplay as Reinhardt?

Eh, all I care about lately is world content with a few 5man heroics ever now again, so it’s not gonna be too detrimental.

That’s good.
Now delight at your weapon and murder!

I may have to switch back to my pally so I can smash stuff with those big ol holy hammers.

Not sure yet. It’ll probably be restricted to what you can equip.

So for example, holy may be able to use Ashbringer and truthguard since it can equip 2handed swords and 1h/shield (and has animations for both) but prot may only be able to mog truthguard if it can’t use 2h swords/Maces. We’ll have to see though, not sure yet as it’s not implemented. They may allow you to just mog any of your artifacts regardless but just need to wait and see. Either way it opens up a lot of options.