Artifact transmog-no longer spec specific

Another weapon cache for horde?

Nah, I kid. Lucky you.

This. The scythe is so iconic for the class vs the skull staff or floating head.

holy paladin artifact lion hammers and the belt book for a ret pally. YES PLEASE,



wait, does that mean my bm hunter isn’t stuck with titanstrike, and can wield alleria’s bow??

…nice. :+1:

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Ahhh also this!

There is going to be so many layers of fabulousness. Like an onion of fabulous.


Plus being able to have glow cat and swolebear for the whole class. Really shows off that you are a comprehensive druid.

Getting the ability to use Keeper of the Light as a Disp priest was one of my biggest wants…

Oh my lawd thank you Blizzard.


i wish they would add the customizations and the flavor additions super early…

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I’m sitting here banging my fists on the table like a small hungry child going ‘GIMME GIMME.’


How does this work for unholy and frost I wonder…


It might not work for Unholy using frost, but since 2h-frost is coming back, it works for them.
On the plus side, UH still gets access to Blood’s weapons.

And the mt skin for blood fits unholy like a glove.


Same way it works for holy Paladin right now basically I imagine.

As a holy Paladin, you have a sword/shield but can mog it to your two handed mace artifact. Since the technology is there now I believe it’ll just be applied to everything.

2hand frost will get blood and unholy. Blood and unholy won’t get frost

probably have to be some restrictions dependent on the weapon proficiency

but frost will be able to wield 2 handers


I don’t think that’s true. We don’t know for sure yet but it’s possible they allow you to transmog one handers over a two hander for artifacts. Can already do so with a few specs right now like holy Paladin so we need to wait and see.

“In Shadowlands, Legion artifact weapon transmog will not be limited to spec. If you have the look for the artifact weapon, you can transmog it in any spec!” Here’s the quote

frost 2 hand , wielding shadowmourne, going into shadowlands…


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I mean they could just let us use frostmourne :laughing: