Arena - Reduce Rating Requirements for Items?

I’m struggling to understand why so many items are rating locked in arena. Weapons, helm, and shoulders are unavailable to get for the majority of players. Why is that? Why does Blizzard want to gatekeep good gear? There are so many players who aren’t able to use their arena points, especially considering the Rival cutoff is well below 1800.

Personally, I’ve hit 1799 on several occasions, only to run into 5-6 games of disc/rogue or disc/feral, and I drop to the low 1700s. 1800 seems unattainable. I get it, I’m not the best. But when the teams we’re facing are in the 1800s, they clearly have better gear than us because they can buy the weapon, for example. Why can’t some of the items like the weapon drop to 1700?

It just doesn’t make sense that the better skilled players are rewarded with better weapons. It makes fighting good players even more difficult.

I understand having an item or two rating locked, like the shoulders on previous seasons. But can we please drop the requirements a little more so we can avoid the “rich getting richer” mentality?


Why don’t you just get a weapon from Ulduar? The 1800 weapons are nice but they aren’t really the best IMO. Ulduar weapons are much better because once you get to about 1000 resilience it sorta becomes less valuable than other stats.


Because these are the ratings wrath had, however back then you started at 1500 and many more people were playing so having the same reqs makes 0 sense buts its blizzard and they don’t care about PvP at all.


Starting at 0 began in Season 6 which is active now.


you never started at 1500 in wrath, it was always 0, that’s why there are items with ratings under 1500

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As of Season 6 and later, the arena system was changed so that new teams start with a rating of 0 rather than 1500. Incorrect, start of wrath was 1500, can easily look it up.

Yes but we’ve had that crap change since TBC


If you can’t get something as simple as 1800 then you don’t deserve the weapons…?


cuz thats wrath

if 252 weps werent avail for 2200, then who would push 2200? There would be no reward besides the gladiator drake. so 99.5% of people would get nothing.

as a complete noob who never played wow besides original tbc, hitting the rating reqs in wow classic for me was the greatest feeling in this game because it actually felt like an accomplishment and a reward for improving your play.

PVE accomplishments feel almost meaningless to me since you’re only 4% of your raid group, 96% of it was out of your control. People will say “oh well people buy arena boosts” that is extremely rare on my server anyway. The couple people I know who got boosts were already glad and just got boosted into safe R1 range

This was the design in s1-s4 as well. many classes bis/2nd bis for pve was a pvp wep.

many pvpers arent even in raid guilds, it’s cool that original blizz threw them a bone in s6 and gave a decent weapon again, which was missing in season 5.

I doubt people would play more if weps were free. For one thing, the majority of players dont even pvp, so the pvp wep would be at best a temp upgrade until they get their pve wep (which most people have by now, ULD has been out for 9 or 10 weeks) People would just cap 5s 10 games a week. 2s or 3s would not see any increase.

It would be fine if there were a weapon in line with 10 man uld ilvl (225) that is available at a lower rating. The problem right now is that the gap between deadly and furious gear is massive, and that includes the weapon. This probably won’t be nearly as bad next season when furious gear is the cheapo arena point gear, and the gear gap likely is reduced. Remember, there is a giant gear gap between deadly and furious due to the ulduar ilvl buffs.


The 1800 weapons are trash. A 238 weapon from Ulduar is better. You aren’t losing because they have a weapon, you’re losing because of either your comp or your strategy.

You can get 1799 but 1800 is unobtainable? Help me understand ? Also if you think you are losing because the other team has a weapon and you don’t, there is no wonder why you aren’t improving. Stop making excuses, blame yourself for losses, see how you can improve, record games and watch mistakes. Quit blaming gear or comp or whatever else or you will never climb.

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this has been a known issue since wotlk launched (and was an issue in original WOTLK)

we petitioned to get this changed but instead they just added higher MMR inflation

doubt it’ll be fixed until next season at the earliest, but even then GL


Maybe you need to re-read. I said I’m not the best. I never said the reason I’m not getting to 1800 is because of gear disparity. We are constantly trying to improve and I’m not making excuses. I’m saying the majority of people do not get to 1800. They will not be able to use their arena points. This greatly reduces the incentive for people to play arena who aren’t in the Rival range.

Additionally, those who are already above 1800 have a massive advantage in both skill and gear. As it’s been pointed out in this thread, the difference between Furious and Deadly gear is pretty drastic. Why should the already very skilled players have a 4-gear piece advantage over those who are stuck below 1800 but are trying?



The fact that most furious pieces are 25 item levels above deadly is kinda stupid. So people right now with full furious set are 235 ilvl while people still in deadly are maybe 220 at best (assuming some furious offpieces). The restrictions only serve to rating gate players tbh


If there was no rating requirements why would anyone try and push? Why would anyone try to improve? These are rewards for playing well. If a coworker gets a bonus for closing a big deal does everyone else pout around the office saying I should get one too just for showing up?

Gating items behind rating is silly, especially weapons. All that does is incentivize people to go buy gold and get a far superior weapon from GDKP. There are already non-gear rewards like titles, gladiator mounts, etc. They can add another non-gear reward for the rival-duelists and just unlock the rest of the gear for everyone.


Do 3v3 its way easier to climb

Get better. Find a good comp and learn how to play.

Because people want to PvP for their PvP gear.


The rewards for pushing is titles, mount, tabard, more points per week.
They could easily give people boxes of stuff for winning (like tanking/healing dungeons get) and base the rewards on the player’s rating, they could make some useful stuff available for purchase through arena points, like tier pieces, and lock those behind rating rather than the PvP gear that is mandatory to PvPing.

This whole idea that the PvP gear needs to be locked behind rating is ridiculous.
It’s horrible game design for a competitive mode.