Are you happy with your classes' proposed changes?

I’ll wait until I play them to pass judgement.

If things are still dying at my hand, I’m not likely to complain.

If roll the bones truly is a cooldown and Slice and Dice is being removed (from the talent datamining) then I’m actually intrigued.

How could you not be my Unholy DK is happy as can be it seems Frost is going to play more like a traditional DK any dps spec does now and Unholy will look and feel more like a necromancer with The Changes coming.

I’m excited

I switch mains every expansion. I’ll just go where the riches flow deepest bay-beeeee

For Paladin? Kind of.

Getting back Not only Holy Avenger but everything else that made Paladin fun (Divine Purpose, Seraphim, Wake of Ashes, etc.) Is great. I’m just miffed at the reason why these things were not baseline to begin with.

Unfortunately these were abilities I’ve already messed around with and there doesn’t look to be anything remotely spectacular for Paladins after that.

Pretty unimpressed with the Warlock changes which for Destruction and Demonology are practically non existent.
And other changes are making it worse like…
“All Demons now take 6 seconds to cast” :expressionless:
I know it’s still early but I’m not excited at all for the Warlock class right now.
Blizzard devs need to go to the Warlock forum and especially check this thread out.
Shadowlands Compiled Feedback Thread

Now the Unholy Death Knight has got me more excited as it seems more like a Necromancer class then ever before.


Some. Lightning shield and chain lightning coming back for ele is great, and getting actual totems back is nice. Not sure how the maelstrom change is gonna work but so far I’m good with what I see.

Also some of the covenant abilities for shaman are interesting. Might actually be a tough choice once numbers are tuned.

Somewhat. Shattering Throw is nice and all but mostly just a PvP tool.

I still think Avatar should be baseline at this point and something to take up it’s place.

Single-minded fury should also come back. Forced Titan grip is no bueno.

As for Arms it looks deadly but still so fragile. I don’t know why Blizzard try to keep this spec as warrior “glass canon” melee type.

No no it shouldn’t be or it will be completely dead for another expac in all non-raid content. I’m rather unhappy with how they are treating afflock. SB as filler needs to die forever, there are already enough GCDs I have to fill refreshing DOTs. Afflock needs Malefic grasp to be viable even in basic content, but without something that is soul flame equivalent we’re still DOA for dungeons. The removal of “soul wrack” from the notes was a huge disappointment.

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I don’t know.

Elemental might be headed for a bad state. I don’t know about enhancement. Same goes for Restoration.

I guess I’ll wait and see.

Too early to tell. But so far, yes.

Not really all that impressed with the Rogue stuff.

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Agree here.

Maelific Grasp hasn’t been a thing in over 4 years. It’s been removed for almost three times as long as we had it.

Aff was at it’s most fun back in TBC and Wrath when we had to juggle like 6 or 7 dots and debuffs.

As long as ramping up buys us something there will always be a place for Affliction. The problem right now is that the ramp up doesn’t buy the spec anything because it’s just a disguise for a generic burst-phase design.

Here’s how I would design affliction.

5 dots: Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life, Doom, Unstable Affliction
2 debuffs: 1 curse (long-term debuff) + 1 new short term debuff (something on par with smite’s disc absorption effect)
No filler. Not even drain soul, which would be either removed or changed into a cooldown that helps generate shards if you can find an opportunity to stand still and channel it.

I’d develop a mini-game revolving around the doom DoT where you can increase its cast time to ramp up its damage by reducing its duration. This would reward the spec for knowing and practicing content and thinking ahead.

By not having a filler of any kind available to the spec, you could buy quite a bit of complexity for the minigame and truly make the spec unique. The big problem would be convincing people that the lack of filler wasn’t wasted time (to be fair, I also thought that about playing a warrior with Devastator. However, I now know that it’s much harder to not push buttons and wait for the correct time than it is to just mindlessly ABC your keys in a “rotation”).

I’m not happy that one of my afflictions does not stack any more, but I get more oomph out of my spells. I also get (I believe) two new spells.

It just means a minor change in my playstyle.

thats a downer. The wife was just about to roll a new rogue last night.
I talked her out of it for now. Maybe she needs to see the list of changes before wasting her time.

Yeah, definitely have her check them out at the very least. She may still be interested in playing one. For me, however, I am finding Priest and Warrior to be pretty intriguing at the moment. “Mindgames” sounds like it could be pretty fun.

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No, I’m not.

Resto shamans basically get nothing next expansion.

And will continue to feel clunky through shadowlands.

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For me, the answer depends entirely on how tunung turns out. If I can play standard build again without getting mocked, I’ll be satisfied. If it’s more of this “Glimmer or get out” crap I may not even bother. I could keep using my priest as backup or even a different class, but I really just want to play HPal again.

I am FASCINATED with the resto druid changes. They remind me a LOT of when I started playing, and it’s very possible if they yank HPal away from me again I could end up going back to my resto druid roots (no pun intended).

I don’t feel like this class will really benefit from unpruning. I liked my simple rotation, this just muddies it up. Not the biggest fan of balance druid changes either.

Really the proof will be in whether I feel like a weak piece of crap like I did at the start of BfA, it really is all in the tuning, I’ll deal with the rest as long as my character doesn’t feel gimped.

I still want vengeance back.

Haha, BM hunter doesn’t need unpruning.
I guess having a 3rd ability might be too difficult for many people to comprehend.

Solid 5/5 meme, friend.