Are we at the basic in-game "Q&A" stage of updates from Blizz?

I was thinking about what Blizzard could possibly update us with, and I think now that most of the infrastructure questions are handled, the questions we really need answers to are a basic spitfire of Q&As relating to in-game this or thats.

Release date and beta yes/no are obviously still there along with number of servers and their names, but have we reached the stage where the most pressing questions are most relatable to in-game features, or are there still a ton of questions to ask regarding out-of-world problems?


In my humble opinion, the vast majority of behind the scenes or “under the hood” issues (that we know about) have been discussed over and over by the community to the point of beating a dead horse, sadly most of which is speculation IMO and we haven’t seen much from Blizzard to Confirm or Deny some of those topics…I think the biggest one in this category is the issue of the Sharting (err. sharDing). This still needs more clarification/Information, I believe.

That said, I would agree that yea, maybe it is time we should start talking about those in game questions that people may want to know more about. Like maybe if Classic will have the original epic mounts at release or will we go straight to the Armored ones? Am I going to get banned for going on WPVP missions because you know, PVP happened on a PVP server? /shrug


I agree. I have to say, I’m completely and wholly uninterested in the constant “conversations” regarding sharding, loot trading, etc.

I want to get on to the meaty stuff. My hype is starting to die down because of all this boring crap being discussed.


For sure! You and I are on the same boat (from Ratchet to STV)! I’m having a hard time keeping my excitement going with so little official info coming our way. I mean, I am still excited for it, but all I see are the same 10 topics discussed filled with opinion and that’s not enough for me anymore, I need some steak and potatoes, I’m done with my salad!


They want feedback, they’ve gotten feedback. Now we just come here every day and bring up the same half dozen or so major issues (loot trading/sharding/account services/AV version/content distribution/queue dodging/beta/box cost/changes-nochanges).

We have had a grand total of 2 updates on classic. In 2017 they said they were finally caving. In 2018, a freaking year later, we got a bug ridden demo (At 50 bucks for a week) and some bare bones information. It’s not just that we don’t have enough information, we don’t even have enough information to know if they’re listening to feedback.


I’m a little bummed about this as well.

The amount of information they release makes you think they’re working on this part time.


It makes me think they don’t actually want feedback. I think we’re not going to get updates until “it’s too late to change that, before launch, sorry.” Then they hope people get used to, and accept, the change before they have to fix it.


Also my exact fear. They’ll “slip it in” as if we can’t feel it.

Blizzard, don’t be that guy.


I’s possible, I’m holding out hope that they’re busy fixing the most menial stuff possible (like lanterns) in every zone.

Think about it - they went to great depth at Blizzcon talking about retro fitting the data tables to the current structure, then going on to show how they had to essentially fix the SAME ISSUE like 6 times for Westfall alone because of all of the different textures.

I have my fingers crossed that they’re just busy combing through the rest of the zones for the same issues - considering they were likely off a good portion of December with Blizz’s vacation policies.

Of course I’m not holding my breath and wouldn’t be surprised if what you’re saying is true, just trying to hold out some hope!

That is blizzards typical mo. I still dont understand how peope still fall for it.
At best they my lurk the reddit forums and say they have a sense of what the community wants.


Content release schedule is a big thing that is not set yet. Which i believe would be better with more content releases than the four stated. I see no reason why Blizz/Devs cant talk to us right now about that and get it ironed out.


People forget: we’re not co-creators with Blizzard. We never will be.

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The development is definitely moving along but it’s a complicated process and I don’t have any specific details to share at this point. We know you’d like to have a Q&A and a variety of things answered, but we’d prefer to have concrete answers to give you guys or new information. I’m personally very opposed to doing a Q&A for the sake of doing it without saying anything new. For everyone’s sake that’s just the better choice when it comes to these types of things.


Well send them our love.


Cheers for the update. Take your time, tell us soon™. But note we want a finalised product at launch, and we’re willing to wait! Thanks and we’re ready for another weekend of testing should you need us :grin::grin:


how can you have nothing new after a few months when the game is set to release after half a year?


I think it would be really cool and low effort if somebody would just toss a couple random screen shots up on the forum from time to time just to show how things are progressing.

But with that said, I could see some small detail like using a resolution higher than what was available in 2004 starting a 48 page flame war about Changes vs NoChanges


Hey this is pretty good insight.

So then were you opposed to yesterdays Q+A that added nothing and didn’t answer any content that the players wanted to hear about after asking them to put in the comment section below the announcement of the Lore Development Stream what they wanted to hear about?

Not that that was a good idea to begin with because everyone mistook what the Thursday Stream was actually supposed to be about and were asking Lore Questions in an attempt to get Answers, of which that was not a Q+A.


“Nothing new to share” doesn’t mean that nothing has been done or that no progress has been made.

It means that nothing finalized has made it through the process from ‘it’s coded into the game’ to ‘we’re ready to talk about it’. Which is a process all its own that is at best tangentially related to actual game development.


He said there was nothing new “to share”, meaning they’re not ready to talk about their progress. You want him to play a game of forum charades with us just to pretend he’s telling us something new?