At this point in time

I personally think that we have to look at this at a different angle than a normal game. A lot of the ‘decisions’ about what version of what we would be using and so on can be changed fairly quickly once they have everything in place. I honestly think once they have the game at a point where they think it is 100% playable in terms of no bugs (that they are aware of), and all quests/dungeons completely scripted and working, that is when we will get a beta or at least an update and they will start looking at these ‘version’ issues in terms of what they should use.

With that said I believe it’s safe to say what version was in 1.12 is what they are planning on. Not that it can’t change, but that is probably what they are starting with. For example, discussing and worrying about what version of AV they should use is kind of pointless if they don’t even have AV/the rest of the game at a playable state.

It’s going to be 5 and 10 man ubrs since it’s 1.12. These months of radio silence are getting ridiculous

I am pretty sure they just had an interview and got asked a whole bunch of questions that was posted on here a couple days ago. They said “We have nothing to update you on because we are still working on fixing the game”. Ythenis even made a post saying this.

If BFA’s time frame is anything to go by, the first post on mmo-champion about the BFA alpha being available for download was Jan 24th 2018. This was just under 3 months after the announcement at blizzcon in Nov 2017.

Jan 23rd 2019 would be the same amount of time from blizzcon 2018 where we got the demo/classic panel.

But all still guess work so who knows.

Ah didn’t see that post. Thanks for the info

This makes me want to cry…I want that damn 20 man

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Yeah a lot of people enjoy the fact you zerg raid BRS and other 5 man dungeons like BRD, Scholomance, and Stratholme for gear on private servers right now.

Personally, I really enjoy when it’s more tight knit, but I won’t deny it opens up some awesome possibilities for gearing people.

We used to take level 53 Warriors on our LBRS zergs and get them “The Nicker” (aka Blackrock Slicer) Axe to use on their way to 60. Lots of casters got their Skyshroud Leggings early, and it also allowed us to meet people over Discord and see how they focused in a fast-pace environment.

I doubt we will get the zerg raid patch, and will be relegated to 10-man BRS and 5-man everything else.

Anyone else remember being able to 40 man SM?

There was no dungeon cap until 1.5 I think. Maybe 1.6

Honestly, a lack of communication and no word on a beta is actually feeling like an old school “back to their roots” Blizzard title. Honestly, if they were to announce that the game was pushed back to summer 2020, I’d probably have a nostalgia [sexual paroxysm] (you’ve got to be kidding me, I can’t believe that word is censored).

I would actually be pleased if they announced the game was pushed back. Not because I want it later than it could be, certainly not that–but because that would alleviate one of my biggest worries: that at some point in summer, we’ll get whatever they have at that point, and it will turn out to be a buggy mess full of bits of Modern they couldn’t or couldn’t be bothered to get out in time.

At this point in time, it’s 165 days until July 1st. While that date doesn’t mean anything, it still sounds really far away, and that’s just the beginning of summer…

Best post I’ve ever seen on a blizz forum.

Assume 1.12 unless told otherwise. That’s the best we know so far.

I want to say just be patient. But sixish months from release, I do feel we should know more than we do.

  1. Trade: L2M a healer and a tank for BRD. Very intense group we got free food magically served, with some water, a dog that bites (don’t touch it, its mean), and someone that swears he can unlock anything.

Oh… just getting ready.:thinking: can you guess the dps??

If they have fixed the issues reported in the Demo and finished the capital cities, i think that it’s time to a Alpha phase.

If they want pass Alpha phase, they need to finish all terrain before a Beta phase. I don’t think that they have finished all terrain and they probably want pass a Alpha phase for some financial reasons. Maybe they will announce the beta in April. This is my guess.

“He was not involved in vanilla” is probably at least a little dishonest. Define involved. Involved in making the game? No. Involved in playing and analyzing the game at the highest levels? Yes. Absolutely. The guy is a veritable fountain of vanilla World of Warcraft knowledge. I bet if the two of you faced off in a game of vanilla trivia, he would destroy you so badly that it would be painful to watch.

One of the guys who ran Nostalrius just did an AMA on the Classic WoW subreddit. The dude has met Ion personally and says Ion knows exactly what a real vanilla experience is – more so than the p-server developers who were working with incomplete information.

Whether you think current retail WoW is good or not is kind of irrelevant. Ion and crew aren’t brainstorming up new development ideas for Classic WoW.

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The people who got paid to quit worked at a customer service center in Ireland. They had nothing to do with game development. Paying someone a full year’s salary to move on is a whole hell of a lot nicer than just handing them a pink slip and telling them to kick rocks.