Are we at the basic in-game "Q&A" stage of updates from Blizz?

The community gave them a massive list of discrepancies between vanilla and the demo. They most certainly have a lot of work to do.


As if we didnt know this was the plan all along

With all due respect, if you cannot even concretely answer something as simple as which AV version they are going to try to reproduce at a few months till release, it is hard to take it at all seriously or retain any interest in the project. Your level of credibility is, in case you havent been paying attention, flagging quite a bit.


I don’t think you need to be so aggressive, but it is a bit strange they don’t have concrete answers 6ish months from release. I’m not saying they should have every little detail nailed down, but you would things some issues they could clear up.


Take as much time as you need and let Classic be Blizzards revival of the old “SoonTM” motto you guys had back when you used to put out amazing products.

I don’t get how people think this could be easy, no matter how much of the old game code and files are still around. This is something the devs have never tried before, and there’s bound to be goofs, missteps, “Oh god, why did that happen?!” and “What the BLEEP were they/we thinking back then?!” moments. Not to mention Murphy’s Law.


46.54 - might wanna add some more developers before that tanks even lower.

That is all well and good, but few if any are asking about the technical background side of things. General content decisions should have been made loooong ago, and answering a couple of those would be HUGE.

I mean if I am making my wife a sandwich and she wants to know what kind of sandwich I am going to make her, I do not simply tell her that proper harvesting of wheat is complex and easily fudged, I tell her what fricken type of sandwich I have planned.

This is what for me is so frustrating. Blizzard has made sandwiches in the past, some good some bad. Wanting to know which sandwich has been chosen to be made should not be answered by “yeast is complicated”.



This isn’t something they’ve done before. They don’t have a previous project to look back on and see what pitfalls to avoid and what problems may arise. Be honest – how do you think people would respond if they said “Yes, without a doubt, this version of X will be in the game!” and then something goes wrong, and it can’t be?

A reminder – it’s not up to the CMs to decide which news to pass along to us. The Blues we encounter here are not developers.


I understand that you said.

But i think that would be so good if you guys update us for example which maps Devs did they finish until here or “Hey guys in this month we worked on these dungeons. We will work those in next month”.

Anything like this.

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Are you serious?
Perhaps because having a target is actually helpful when developing something, prior to beginning work on it. This is not some new never attempted collection of content. They are either going to choose things to replicate or just spew things against a wall in hopes that something sticks. I would like to think they actually have targets and a roadmap.

Do you imagine that they would make an announcement of a release target without knowing what it is they are looking to provide?

They don’t have a previous project to look back on and see what pitfalls to avoid and what problems may arise.



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Yes. You’re not, apparently, because you ignored everything else I said before.

I suspect you’re doomed to disappointment.

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I’d say there’s a utility to having a sticky post penned by a blue like yourself with all of the most-popular questions listed, and even a “nothing firm at this point” as a placeholder for an answer for now. As you get answers firmed up, this post gets edited and you post a comment to flag the update at the same time. You could even lock the comments so the only time the sticky gets updated is when you comment to it after editing the overall, even if you are just adding more questions to the list and leaving them (for now) unanswered.

Some things could be semi-answered, I think, without actually committing yourself to anything. For example, the very popular question of: “Will there be a beta test period? If so, how soon before launch will it be available and how will you choose beta testers?” could be answered something like, “We have not decided on the final details of beta testing yet, but anticipate at least some kinds of stress tests and probably a beta period of at least a month before launch. If there is a beta test, because this is not a typical launch of an expansion we expect this beta period to be significantly different than what you are used to if you’ve participated in, for example, the beta prior to the Battle for Azeroth expansion.”

Or… whatever is appropriate at this time. The point is to let us know (1) you’ve heard the question, (2) the question is important enough (to you) to list in a sticky post, and (3) that you’re working on an answer to the question.

I disagree that the function of a Q&A needs to include “saying anything new,” depending on what yardstick you use to define what “new” means in this context.


I am not seeing an argument to what I posted in there. Not looking for changes beyond what was within the span of vanilla.

I merely want to know what sandwiches are on the menu before I pay a cover fee to enter the deli.


For clarity, I wasn’t asking for updates. I was more asking the community if our questions are ready to evolve. I’m just getting sick of the constant conversation about sharding and loot trading. I just hope we can start talking about something else soon. The hype was fun at first but now I’m starting to lose interest.


Or maybe Blizzard could just go ahead and launch early and let’s see how they did. :wink:

I know. Impatient cat is impatient.

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The only utility to that is temporary sedation followed by the exact same posters in this thread complaining about the lack of updates to said stickied thread because the answers aren’t available yet.

People want answers to questions that don’t have answers yet. There is only one true solution to that, and its patience.


Okay I get that details are not finalized… understood.

But there are some things that had better already be decided or you will never make the launch date.

There are many many things you better already have the answers to.


Will shardwiches be on the menu for pvp servers and how many zones?

I just want to know what decisions are being considered.

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