My sub is on you Blizz

To any Blizzard employee who might be wasting their time reading this thread, I counter this thread with the following:

Take your time, make it right. While I thirst for news now, I don’t thirst for an incomplete version of WoW: Classic. I appreciate you investing the money via opportunity cost to pay attention to quality. Good luck and uh, please throw some news to the dogs soon.


You think they read these lol.

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Considering they’ve replied to two of my topics. Yeah, I think they read these.

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I can already imagine their replies, it probably looked like that scene in Robin Hood: Men In Tights, where Prince John was saying to the Sherriff;

“MAYBE if you told me the bad news in a good way, then it won’t SOUND so bad!”

orly thats nice

You won’t have to because I’m going to link one here:

It must suck having to be the one who tells the angry mob that there’s nothing new to show them lol.

That post of mine is taken out of context so badly lol. My original post was a question aimed at the community, yet people think I was asking Blizz for updates. I wasn’t.

Yeah but its basically confirmation that even if you (the community) did have enough questions ready to merit a Q&A, they (Blizzard) still wouldn’t consider it a worthwhile endeavour.

It’s a diplomatic way of saying that it would cause more trouble than it would resolve to divulge what they’re presently doing.

Yeah but I’m also being diplomatic in that I’m not presuming their intent or progress.
They could be doing some horrific things or they could be doing some horrifically boring things.

Make it thirty! I like your spirit OP.

Little off topic

This. Except that I’d replace the word Raw with well-done but to each their own. :wink:

Opinions of edibility aside, it’s an objective fact that raw would take the shortest amount of time and well-done would take the longest.

They would rather spend time playing ping pong instead of reading forums

Blizzard said summer 2019. More like 6 months.

Way to add some incentive to speed them up!
I have $15 as well Blizz!

Ooooooh, $15…a real bonanza.

I think the point is Blizzard should allocate more resources into developing classic. This game should be ready, if they actually put the resources into it.

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