Are Warlocks Succubus being removed?

are you sure its sexist and not just bdsm type stuff? could the actual issue be that shes a dominatrix demon ? a bit perverse, granted, but i’m not convinced her intent is sexism, but rather kink.

They should wear pant suits and control male warlocks on a leash, who grovel and beg for mercy. Female warlocks and succubi are #girlboss besties.

No, they won’t. All the changes they’ve done are to old forgotten places/npcs; removing a main character would affect their income.

P.S. Not talking about lore. She is a main character for warlock players.

No. If anything, they may be the next playable race.

With bodypart sliders.

No, but if somehow it does happen I will eat my hardcover wow atlas.

Warlock’s succubus.

Her argument is that it isn’t problematic to begin with. Treating “skimp” and promiscuity as if they are innately bad things is a strictly socially conservative position. It would be like saying any woman who dresses in skimp IRL has a role to play in her own harassment, because she shouldn’t be dressing like that in public.

This is why the corporate response misses the mark. In a culture rife with harassment and people that make spaces unsafe, we need to focus reformative action on the people doing the bad things, not the victims.


I believe this.
It shouldn’t be taken out, in fact, none of it should be taken out, but they will. It’s just the world we live in now.

It’s pathetic.

If they keep doing this, I’ll just unsub and go back to FF. I play a female character in everything because I like seeing attractive, powerful, and sexy women whoop a**. And I like dressing them up in pretty outfits. Just my thing. And you can see right now that my character is not in provocative clothing, she’s in BE Heirloom. Because she looks good in it. Yeah, I have a bunch of presets where she is in something a little more revealing, I just wear them for certain occasions, etc.

This culture of ‘women shouldn’t be sexualized for dressing a certain way’ and simultaneously if a woman chooses to dress provocatively/nude ‘empowers’ women, is so blatantly ridiculous, it’s outrageous.

I play this game with a lot of women. I’m bi. My brother is FtM trans. Every single one of us thinks all of this trash is absurd and needs to stop.

But it won’t. Because hurr durr, shareholders.
Well maybe you wouldn’t have to change things in game to fix your reputation because you sexually harassed people? Now we have to suffer(again), because you can’t get your s*** together.

Absolutely trash.


Oh yeah.

I would really hope no one is equated bdsm and/or ‘kink’ with sexism because they are two totally different things.

But this is GD.

The succubus represents an artist portrayal of a demon that existed in cultures way before WoW was made.

I imagine the folks campaigning for this issue to be fixed are also going to various museums to lobby for statues to be taken down as well.

No one is allowed to make art anymore. What they’re doing is lobbying against expression of art which is dangerous.

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well, thats what she does to the lock’s enemies, she dominates them, is dressed in bdsm like gear, including a whip which she snaps often. the only difference is she is also being dominated, by the lock.

It’s humans that are planted. Gnomes are punted.

Trust me, I know such things. I worked in the Sludge Fields.

Just don’t ask me how Baby Dwarves are born. You don’t need the visual.

Some of the changes/removals are for the best given what has come to light via the lawsuit, but i suspect there will be a number of things that get caught up in it that probably shouldnt

Hopefully our succubi are not one of those things

None of which is sexist.

Male or female, she acts and reacts the exact same way.

Is t it sexist to assume stuff about the succubus? Maybe she wants to dress like that? Maybe she likes the warlock?

Would you be asking these questions if it were a male demon?

Huh? Where is the outrage for the other demons? Why only the succubus?

Seems pretty sexist to assume that this demon suddenly isn’t comfortable with her arrangement because she’s a woman. So she clearly needs saving. :roll_eyes:


correct. so i dont think its about sexism, i think its kink. i dont use her but thats a personal choice cause i’m not into kink and i’m also trying to present a fairly boring persona, since i’m old and not on the market. appearances, ya know.

Again the outfit is very 90s Madonna, which is frankly an outdated reference

I think thematically it makes more sense to have them be in a more proper BDSM outfit (e.g. Mordsith art from the Sword of Truth series, maybe)

I want my damn incubus though, similarly dressed

But the truth is a lot of WoW is the product of reckless white guys in the 90s. See: Shivarra, multi-armed demon priestesses who are hyper-sexual that are a clear reference to the Hindu God Shiva, but as a woman and a demon.

What’s funny is that multi-armed demons/bad beings are common in many mythologies, e.g. the Hecatoncheries or the Gegenees or the Zoroastrain Devas in some depictions.

But a lot of you arguing about this don’t know Warlock Lore and don’t know the IRL inspiration so I am posting my explanations yet again:

Support warlock stables!


excellent write up and ancient lore is one of my interests, so i recognized the older references like lilith!

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pretty sure its to appease china under the guise of protecting women. bliz take the cake for two faced slime bags.

I think we are misunderstanding each other.

Her inclusion in the game is sexist, given everything about her is designed for men and she has no male counterpart for women.

None of which has anything to do with the ‘kink’ factor.

Before this hullabaloo, putting in an Incubus with the same hyper-sexualized slave theme would have evened the scales. Unfortunately, now that everyone knows the misogynist mindset she grew out of, that will not be enough and she will be removed (and I will never get my Incubus!!!).