Are Warlocks Succubus being removed?

Gotta love how society is regressing back to more puritanical times.

We need to rethink banning heavy metal and take another look at D&D while we are at it!

Do people forget what life was like for women and minorities back then?

Anyways…need to run and fetch a pail of water from the stream…I will be averting my eyes from the womenfolk on my way back so as not to fall into sin and satan’s traps.


Raises torch
Take them out! Take them out! Take them out!

Warlocks as a whole are a class of the devil, and we cannot allow these evil ideologies to corrupt the youth of our nations any longer!


did you just assume your demons gender?

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Wouldn’t doubt it. If they’re changing paintings in game they’re probably already working on a new demon to take the place of the succubus.


Let’s be honest, Disney has a pretty crap record when it comes to HR.

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And it only took you 17+ years to do it!

Yall work so fast…must be a union.

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After using destruction warlocks to burn down all of the misogynistic structures that have been built upon in the World of Warcraft by these perverted developers, we shall turn our eyes upon the very destruction warlocks themselves, and public hangings will commence!

The issue being?

I hope they put little shirts on felguards and wrathguards next. Heck even Void Walkers! Why are they all ripped?

It kind of perpetuates the idea that all men are muscular. That is problematic for a number of a reasons.


I don’t get why they would. A succubus is a demon that has intercourse with men to steal there seed to make more demon babies with the incubus helping with the ladies. WoW Succubus is a toned down version already of a demon species that already much worse in the myth.

If you want to remove something because it’s bad that would be like all demons and murder. The toning down of sexualism feels weird when there is much worse acts of violence, such as beheading people for a few scraps of gold… but it’s whatever.

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Oh that’s coming soon to a store near you, don’t you worry sweet summer child’.
Baby steps.

Nope just idiot trolls who pretend to “care”.

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Covering cleavage is like a minor thing compared to all that happens in WoW… especially the murder lol.

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No, it is not.

Removing this stuff is saying ‘we no longer support having problematic sexist content in our game’.

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Removing the stuff is like blaming victims for being sexual instead of the people doing the bad things imo. Like oh you dressed like that… your fault… you should cover up.

It’s like the opposite of empowering.

Oh nooo… they’re going to change a pet that no one ever uses… ohhhh the humannnitttyyyyyy… ahhhhh…

Am I manufacturing outrage well enough yet?

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no you’re extra bad at this pls go home

No, it does not.

But your reply does give another example of a poster not understanding how and why the content is problematic and for whom these changes need to be made.

Why would you want to remind them idiot? Cause your just a dunb a**?