Are Warlocks Succubus being removed?

keyword demon - aka not human

it doesnt care about your human standards and it shouldnt :wink:

a succubus aint very demonic if it takes time to put on a decent shirt and pants to appease mere mortals lol


Succubi predate every abuser in Blizzard by approximately by 3000 years in terms of the original/oldest genealogy root of the myth, and by 500 years in terms of the word succubus itself.

Non sequitur.

Incubi should be included.


Someone has been reading their Sumerian mythology.

They should have been included from the beginning.

Now it is too late.

It isn’t, your entire argument is empty of any historical truth, my only suggestion is that the 90s Madonna basis of the succubus’s outfit could/should be replaced with a proper BDSM outfit (that IRL isn’t a corset and bracelets).

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  1. what about for non-binary and lesbians? you saying they wouldnt like her the way a guy would?
  2. kink is kink.
  3. if ya want a male equiv, ask for that and not the removal of her. some guys would like the male equiv as well.

personally, i’m really not a fan of the whole lock persona, so its not that much of potential loss for me if they are removed or changed, but i just dont appreciate all the censoring of females in game. i tend to only use my blueberry and think of it like an everquest mage elemental. dark/evil classes dont float my boat.

If this is something you don’t like, then go play animal crossing or minecraft and stay a child forever.


But we are not discussing historical truth.

We are discussing a fantasy version of Succubi whose specific design and function grew out of a misogynist mindset of a company that is now being taken to court for their sexist practises.

So neither of us are getting that Incubus.

Delete all female models from WoW.

The PAINTINGS… OBJ…ugh…cough…Objectifying.

Delete ALL female models.>!

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That is literally just a copy of Early Modern Succubi with a corset.

Non sequitur


I am saying that is not who she was designed for. Or by.

Which is still not sexist in of itself.

Not now. Too many posters have demonstrated why she need to be removed.

My worgen warlock uses the felguard, has nicknamed him Doggo and treats him like a beloved pet.

We worry about her.

Please point me to all these Early Modern texts that have warlocks enslaving succubi and then forcing them to assist in openly killing other people.

Your lore is incorrect:

doesnt matter who designed it if people of differing genders enjoy it. a male photographer can take a centerfold for a male mag but non binary and lesbians can also enjoy it.

Now you are just making stuff up.

Nope, this is the canon lore as per the original Succubus quests.

Learn 2 Lore

Actually it does.

If something is designed or set up speciifically for the male gaze as oppose to everyone, it is inherent sexist.

what about the female gaze?

Every single painting of a Succubus or Night Hag from the entire modern period is literally a naked sexy lady.

If anything, Blizzard using a corset is the pinnacle of modesty, historical realities being what they are.

You’re materially wrong.

I for one support High Femme BDSM Ladies, and I only demand the inclusion of BDSM Twinks

and for Demon Stables to let us pick at least this list of demons for the Succubus:

/leans over and whispers conspiratorily

apparently my gazing eyes dont count unless a woman designed it, specifically for women to gaze at and only women

Get a life and I mean this in the kindest way. What you are saying here in general is if a women looks sexy it’s inherently sexist, and that is flat out dumb, stupid, asinine as hell.

You need to get off the computer and visit a museum, better yet communicate with actual people and share your takes. Look at us in Canada, I can go topless, my choice, does that make me inherently sexist to have the same option as a man does? No.

Your offense is frightening, and frankly I am so tired of being told by the likes of forum trolls as a whole that my existing is sexist and to cover up. Oddly enough I wouldn’t doubt you are the same crowd that has issues with the burqa. Women are entitled to equal rights, but not if it makes men randy? Why not teach society that a person is not their clothing? No instead we censor the same things women fought for throughout history.

I keep saying this, why keep paying whilst so offended? Why now when actual voices need to be heard? Pushing your agenda so important to silence the voice of actual victims?

Give your head a shake and get a clue.