Are raids addons too powerfull for Classic?

We are not getting vanilla addon API. We are getting the modern API modified to fit Classic.

Blizzard has systematically removed API functionality they do not agree with.

Just because you do not agree with the addons does not make it cheating.


They give you an unfair advantage ie cheating. Do you not think that addon’s give you an unfair advantage?

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Nope. No addon gives ability that are not native to the game. Addons allow for customization not advantage.

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i think player knowledge would be too powerful for classic. It’s 15 years old. Last time i didnt know how to defeat hogger easily cuz i was a kid.

There was a guy in my raiding group who used an addon that automatically selected the most optimal dps skill to use. All he had to do was press 1 button over and over again the addon would select the spell and automatically bind it to the same button over and over again. He said he would watch youtube videos while we raided and he would always be #1 dps. Do you think that is unfair or not?

Raid addons aren’t necessary for Live WoW, I don’t see why they would be necessary for Classic.

At the end of the day it’s a players choice to use them or not.
Personally I feel that it degrades my experience and tend not to use them, however I know a lot of people use them religiously.

1, you don’t need an addon for cast sequence.
2, no addon is able to situationally select “optimal” skills.
3, anyone can use this addon.
4, it’s Blizzard approved API. Blizzard decides what is cheating and what is not.

  1. Here is the big one, it’s not automation, that type of API functionality was removed.
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  1. He said it could even adapt to his movement and the amount of focus he currently.
  2. Not every one can use the addon, only the people that know about the addon can use it.
  3. Blizzard has giving us the option to legally cheat.
    4. Heres the big one, you don’t know how talented or skilled addon creators and what they are capable of achieving.

Anyone can invent some super all powerful addon that does it all. Link it.

Addon’s have been around forever. If you honestly believe there are unknown functionalities allowing people to cheat you are lost. Not all addons are clean as some but there’s going to be an addon to do what ever you are wanting to do. Within Blizzard’s standards.

It’s not cheating legally. It’s playing the game within the rules set by the creator. Legally cheating is you trying to say “I think it should be called cheating but it’s not cheating”

Actually, I do, and you are attempting to make people believe they are hiding their talent for the select few to cheat.


Have you ever been in a mythic raiding guild or done arena? There is so much secret inter circle stuff you have no idea about. All the best addons very few people know about so they don’t risk getting caught in blizz’s net. I know this because I have been involved in these groups and they all trade their addon knowledge like a currency.

Anyone who says that Threat Meter, mechanic countdowns, and raidbars (for healers) aren’t a huge deal is delusional. They will be -mandatory- for any serious guild and easily and often will spell the difference between success and a wipe… or at very least a couple of deaths.

It’s for that reason I’d prefer Classic be without addons, or only allow very simple ones.

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That does sound like something that addons can possibly do in the current version of the game.
I know there is an addon called Hekili or something similar that basically pops up announcements of what button to press so that you don’t have to think.

But none should be able to automate your play etc or allow you to only press one button. (Specs have too much RNG for even the best cast sequence macro)

I honestly don’t think it’s “unfair” since anyone can get them. But personally I find it very boring.
WoW’s rotations are pretty dang easy as it is, if you need an addon of that magnitude to help you do good dps…well…

You see i don’t understand this argument that “anyone” cant get them, only the people who know about them can get them.

True, but anyone can potentially know about them which means anyone can potentially get them.

That’s like saying “not everyone can look up a quest on Wowhead” because they don’t know about it. Obviously everyone has the capability to look up a quest on Wowhead at the end of the day.

No its like knowing some super crazy power enhancing drugs that is 10x stronger stronger than steroids. Limiting the # of people who know about it so it doesn’t get banned. My point is this just because it isn’t banned blizzard doesn’t mean it isn’t cheating.

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Why is it that people think we didn’t have addons back during Vanilla?

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We had far more rudimentary addons. We also didn’t really yet have boss breakdown videos, so even without addons it doesn’t matter. We as players are all used to far more complex bosses.

So you did mythic EN with 0 addons?

I was 15 years old when I played the game completely ignorant of the existance of addons until WoTL.

I cant remember when but, at some point I was forced to install an addon so I could time my prepot with a raid pull timer cause they wanted my shockadin dps.