Are raids addons too powerfull for Classic?

There is already a lot of raid addons for Classic

Are they really necessary ? We know, now, that Vanilla mechanics weren’t really hard.

The main difficulty from raid during Vanilla :

  • Gear check (knowledge will help on this)
  • Mechanics (DBM will tell you everything you need to do and when + knowledge)
  • Threat (easier in 1.12 and irrelevant with a threatmeter)

So do we really need thoses powerfull ASSISTING addons instead of playing with our brain and native informations ?

Don’t tell me about #NoChange. Addons are supposed to be optionnals #NoChange is from the game features. Else if no one would have put them into Classic you won’t have been able to play ?

Aren’t they just gonna make the remaining difficulty of raiding irrelevant ?


Nope! Addons are amazing, and any addon available for Retail should be available for Classic. (Except those for transmog, and features like that that aren’t in Classic.)


Some are absolutely necessary for my guild. I want to know and reward my raiders for their performance, and addons/logs make this possible.


Addons arn’t going to make it any easier than 15 years of raiding experience does.

DBM is literally a waste of time pre-AQ.
KTM is so out of date compared to Omen it’s silly.

The main challenge of raiding is keeping a healthy roster and keeping your supply of consumes upto date.


So a whole raid with DBM+Threatmeter versus a raid without them will make no difference in fight because of experience only ?

I think it’s a bit false

I’m not against addons. UI addons a fine.
But thoses raid addons give us a huge advantage during boss fight on a content already accessible.

You only have wait them to tell you what to do and when without having to take care of being on alert everytime and moderate your dps.


A TON of people have never played vanilla and some not since vanilla. My guild wiped on geddon because someone new to vanilla didn’t run the bomb out.

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Some of these things aren’t as trivial as you think they would be.

Tank threat rotation on Vaelastrasz for example. It could be done without a threat meter in the raid, but if you are wrong Vael could end up in your caster/healer group and kill a lot of people before a tank gets him back; because that’s how threat works when a boss is Taunt immune.

The easiest boss fight in the game has things you need to do, specifically decursing. If it is more fun to a group of people to do that manually without addons, knock yourself out.

However, artificially restricting it just to force difficulty seems unnecessary.


Realistically we won’t need any raid addons for the majority of classic raid content…or possibly any of the content! It’s not like there’s a wrought/focused chaos mechanic (hello WoD Archimonde) that would be trivialized by an addon.

But would it be nice to know how many seconds until Raggy submerges? Of course. So addons will be used, even if they aren’t needed.

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So dont use them. How does it affect you?

Single greatest truth of Raiding and Classic to come.


Do 1 mistake without addons you’ll take the blame and be forced to download them.

Because players won’t stand anymore to die because of a game mechanics that are greatly simplified by some addons. They allow you to skip the phase when you have to learn the boss mechanics and learn to manage your dps and threat which mean : few wipes.

So it’ll affect me even if it’s supposed to be “optionnal”, they are now essential.


Using addons means you never die…or fail…



You are always going to have that type of experience because some people won’t know, these are raids if 40 people however on a whole the fights are much more simplistic, on Geddon that’s his only mechanic.

Maybe you should be giving examples of mechanics and how addons work with them.

I highly doubt you are going to be able to provide examples worth worrying about.

Addons screaming to stop standing in the bad or a warning that an attack is in coming. Not an advantage.

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It will all come down to if Blizz even allows Addons like that in Classic.

CT raid did the same thing as DBM you just have to READ that you are the bomb and wont get a giant skull of doom telling you to move

Raid addons never hurt anything. I don’t see why some people are complaining about them. They aren’t going anywhere either.


Three sunders till dps and your good.

You don’t even need Threatmeters. My favorite past-time is having my GM yelling at me to stop dps because my threat was too high, subtle flexing to the rest of the raid that I was topping.

I never used a threat meter, but as a hunter I could rapid fire, then feign death for a complete reset on threat. It was glorious :slight_smile: