Are raids addons too powerfull for Classic?

Mages were not the only aoe class though. Rain of fire. Hellfire, chain lightning, hurricane were all aoe abilities that were decent. Mages were water bots, decurse and AB buffers. Outside of their damage that was their main role in raids.

There are a lot of people who aren’t used to looking at a threat meter. Tunnel vision is always a thing; it’s just as rampant in BFA as 15 years ago. Mechanics are simpler in Vanilla, but it’s less forgiving of mistakes. Getting 40 people to not make mistakes? Hah.

Well the 4 abilities you just mentioned are split across 3 classes. Yes I know there are other minority ones that could be considered AoE. I played mostly frost when I started soloing and with frost nova, blizzard and cone of cold (that’s 3 in 1 spec) I could solo kill groups as a glass cannon. All this to say, in vanilla we called for CC (caster class) for damage, and mages for handling large number mob pulls. I probably will not do a mage again because my lock was sooooo much easier to level. I think in groups for dungeons, mage wins over lock. Burst vs DoT

Warlocks’ damage isn’t DoT based, it’s shadow bolt based.

I mean, there is more than just the bomb. Melee doesn’t just stand and dps him. Garr has to be done just right and if your guild doesn’t have the gear then you’re gonna have problems. Assuming you don’t have a ton of warlocks that is.

My point is not everyone will burn through content. For some people this will be new.

I mean competitively it’s going be non existent, the record for nost for BwL was one day

It sounds like a lot of you people like the OP and others that replied are too powerful for Classic, so should not be allowed to play.

Ummm… we used a tonne of addons back in classic starting in BWL and onwards.

Some people panic if they don’t have giant letters and noises flashing telling them to move out of very obvious rains of fire.


They always claim to no use addons. Then get caught using them. Zero addon players are like women in WoW - myth.


My PC is too powerful for classic.
My prior knowledge is too powerful for classic.
My 100mbps connection is too powerful for classic.
My laser mouse is too powerful for classic.
My mechanical keyboard is too powerful for classic.
My meds are too powerful for classic. Lol.

Maybe play one handed or wear an eye patch or something to spice things up. Play with my feet. Lol.
There will be so many dead bodies…

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I was 15 years old when I played vanilla and I didn’t even know they existed until I joined a raid guild in WotLK. A thief thinks everyone else steals, same mentality as addon users.

SM/ruin locks had burst and dot’s. They could totally keep up with mages in single target damage and their aoe damage was quite good as well. Mages could aoe grind the easiest granted, but locks could take multiple mobs too. I even remember with tank and heals my lock could could outpace a mage aoe with hellfire.

As for addons, I don’t really care about most, but some of them are pretty stupid and for being lazy. I’m all for UI or bag space etc. but if you have have to be told to move and are unable to watch your debuff bar then maybe you are not as good as you think. Btw, this is not directed at any one person.

It’s like that add-on that told people when to interrupt in PvP for maximum effectiveness. SMH. Not sure if that is still around but still.

A cheater thinks everyone else cheats? Ok, now I am clear on what you are saying.

Oh please, stating the text book definition of a word is different than assuming every one else does something.

Show us where in any dictionary the definition of cheating referencing addons in a game made with API provided by the game maker.

Not really. You can get by without it if you’re a decent player.

IMO that’s the way to properly challenge your self, remove all your addons and play with the UI essentially turned off…

I guess you would need the unit frames as a healer, but that’s about it.

act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination

So you are attempting to convience everyone that Blizzard supported API are designed to allow for this…

Legal cheating I suppose.