Are raids addons too powerfull for Classic?

That’s true. I think the only class that really needs a threatmeter would be warrior? Cause rogues have vanish and I think mage iceblock works?

You have X move away/Boss will launch X in 10 sec/Boss will cast X be ready to dispell

You don’t have to stay on alert the whole fight. Just read the instructions the addon give you and apply them -> making fight really easier.

Threatmeter give you an information not natively implemented in game and it wasn’t since few expansions. Meaning that Blizzard estimated that it was not essential to clean the content -> making fight easier too.

Yes are too powerfull for the Vanilla mechanics and they’ll increase the rate of cleaning the content.

If Blizzard (not gonna happen) make a server without addons, don’t you think it’ll bring at lot of players since it put everyone on equal terms and allow fair fight of the content ?

If you take a look at world first Ragnaros :
He use Feint in his rotation to manage his threat, yes this is probably how it should be done to manage threat during a fight.


how could you not use the all time fav YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!

Warlocks… no threat reduction…

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I meant instant resets on threat.

All we can hope for is new stuff past naxx where no one knows what happens in lv. 60 kara and with NO PTR!!! bosses will be a buggy unkillable mess…just like the old days.


Why do you care? Don’t use them if you don’t want to, but during 1.12 we had plenty strong Addons and we’re going to replicate the authentic experience by using them.

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we had add ons that would auto cast buffs back then not on others ( i think) just your self as it would check every time you stop walking

I always used raid addons and I never paid attention to them :slight_smile:

It was always easier for me to watch the encounter telegraphs.

In Vanilla, we had better addons where you spam one key and heal the entire raid. We are being nerfed because we’ll have to actually play.


Wasn’t that decursive type of capability removed for classic?

WoW was designed from day one to encourage the development of player made addons. Addons have always been a part of WoW, yes even in Vanilla.

Sorry, but addons were a part of vanilla. Artificially banning them is a pretty big change.


Blizzard has always preceded mechanics such as this with either an audio que or a boss monologue. No addon required to accomplish the same goal.

Your interpretation of Blizzard’s meaning is a guess at best. Managing threat has always been possible through experience. Once you understand how to not pull threat it’s pretty standard to keep from doing so. Again, no addon required.

It’s more likely that the no addon server will be the first dead server.


Easy solution. Create a guild named something like “We Raid Without Addons”. Recruit like-minded individuals. Raid. Have fun.


To each his own. I think DBM over the years has made them more trivial.
Sure there’s more you have to do in raids but DBM tells you what is coming, a countdown and what to do. You don’t have to do that yourself anymore.

Content will seem more trivial because most players have 15 years or more of MMO/WoW mechanics under their belt.

You can have all of the addons in the world, but if the person with them can’t use them correct or respond in time, they’re about as useful as a car with no wheels.

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It was removed for The Burning Crusade. It isn’t coming back for Classic, though focus should have.

Using addon’s is definitely 100% cheating. You get advantage over the “naked” players. People adamantly defend them because the love the convenience & getting a step above the ignorant players.


Everyone is on equal terms…addons cannot be charged for, so anyone can use them.

With a broad pen I write that
I am against add-ons. Mostly ones that give a specific player advantages over others. Altoholics and such are great add-ons. With raids, it will be more old school way of using the warlock for summoning and banishing demons cause you can’t tank and spank 10 mobs. I really hope they keep in the need for specific class abilities. Like mages being the only (main) AoE class.

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