Are customizations done?

A few races got some minor tweaks? According to the global strings. Gnome earring colors and Orc/Mag’har side burns not connected to beards?

It does seem like character customization’s are done for the moment.
But they did say numerous times that they would be consistently adding new things going forward.

how hard can a couple eye colors and some tats be?


Evidently WAY to hard. They have to spend all their small dev team time not making sweeping changes to classes.

oddly enough they dont even have to do any tweaking for the purple, since its already available for helfs and velfs. the red ones are already created and available for forsaken. they just need to do the glow around the eyes on the skin. farstrider/runic tats are the biggest job and half the people on this forum could’ve designed them months ago. hehe.


Forest troll skin. Revantusk should be playable.

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I mean fans have already made their own and posted them on Twitter. As well as beard options for male blood elves. But again… WAY TOO BUSY not fixing classes.


added to the op.

i dont get it. :woman_facepalming: all i can come up with is they farm out the art to chinese artists and trump’s decision to throttle china’s business dealings with usa companies is either slowing or completely stopped that.

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I’m unsure if that’s true. If so it would’ve been done pretty quickly I’d assume.

did ya see the belf high elf braided beard lancelot did in the other thread? that looked amazing.

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It’s heartbreaking that fans are able to produce better art than the company that makes millions.

Even the base races feel unfinished. some got way more than others.

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its a head scratcher.

Things are great if you’re a night elf, orc, troll, human, dwarf, tauren, & draenei sorta…

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Scars and tats for all.

Give freckles to all races with humanish skin tones you cowards.


i agree and appreciate the enthusiasm. just giggled at the cowards comment. not sure its about freckle cowardice. hehehe hehe… hehe. that… .haha.

This post needs more recognition.

I’ll join in support. More work needed blizz on allied and core races!!

The bittersweet truth is that all these things will ‘eventually’ come and are probably ready to go right now, but instead will be used as marketing tools to sell the product and bring players back patch by patch, and future expansion announcements.

Female night elves need moon themed markings. I refuse to believe they’re done with customizations until we get our moon themed tats and markings.