Are customizations done?

I person think the Blood Elf customizations suck. We are not a bunch of jewelry wearing airheads that have never seen any form of combat in our lives. I take it as an insult to the race that jewelry is really the only thing they gave the females. Which is sadly more then they gave male Blood Elves. I want Dark Ranger options, red, purple, and brown eyes. The Death Knight skin tones and hair colors. Better hair styles, the one original one Belf females got isn’t enough. It also only matches certain mogs because of the tiara. Give us our Farstrider, and Runic tattoos.


Half the core races barely got anything. Male blood elves got 3 new hairstyles, how is that customization? This is ridiculous.


I get the feeling I’m gonna be like the only “slightly toasted” blood elf with the new color options lol. Anytime I see folks playing on the ptr for blood elves they stick to the pale skin which is fine. Not shaming.

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The body chains would have been so cool from the alpha but those vanished >_<

Lemme be a male princess leia himbo blizz cmon

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I still only see one non-creepy face option. I want to be smiling!

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hes a nelf hunter.

Give worgen tails! Give worgen tails! GIVE WORGEN TAILS!


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Worgen were not heavily worked on outside of separating Worgen form and Human form customization and inheriting all Human customization options for Human form.

The only new categories of options for the Worgen form are eye color and ears for male Worgen. That’s literally it.

Meanwhile, it appears that they are updating female Worgen butts instead of working on more customization options for the Worgen form.

And yeah sure, male Worgen are getting all of those new beards and ears, but a lot of those are already in the game files.

There’s also simply the problem where some races have most of the new options nestled within a few categories instead of spread out among many, so we aren’t getting a whole lot of new ways to customize some races like Worgen (for their Worgen form), Goblins, male Blood Elves, and Gnomes.

Yeah I’m a bit sad undead skin tones and red eyes weren’t opened up for BEs the way the non void Elf skintones were just opened up for VEs. With Velonara as citation to do so I think it would be an easy win to do, achieving a second visual theme in that regard.

Very upset about BE customization being just some jewelry options that males apparently can’t even use anyways.


I would love to have a lip or a lip color option. Female humans got makeup, come on! I feel like some of the faces where the lips are the same color as their skin are just…strange.

Also, open up said lip option to all the races and genders!

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I thought they said that they were continuing to add customization in future, not that they were done completely.

I doubt it. Draenei not getting at least a purple/violet eye option would be a crime otherwise.

Probably going to be similar to WoD with things being released throughout the expansion.


Panda’s need a shaved look.

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I know this is taboo. But do you guys not remember WoD? It took them 6 months to do belfs ec for the graphic upgrade. Custom prolly won’t be finished till 9.25

Move development from Covenants to character customizations. Also, High Elves shouldn’t have been put into the game. It takes away from faction originality. Something really should be done in regards to that.

Your right… HE should have been there own race and made neutral so both factions can play them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope not. I need highborne customizations =(