Are batttlegrounds actualy dead?

Shadowlands took care of bgs. Enjoy.

Bfa was 2min wait for all levels at anytime lol. I guess the removal of scaling isnt what the pvpr base wanted lul.


and yet SO MANY PPL FOUGHT WITH ME about it when i said it wouldnt be good !!! moral of the story here is be careful what you wish for , you just might get it .

The last few days my 15 man random BGs have been like 5 hunters, 4 mages, 4 demon hunters, and 2 MW monks.
I see multiple hunters cleaving entire groups down with combos coming out of camo.
Boring to fight the same classes on repeat, but it’s pretty boring to fight anything in a BG right now.

Meanwhile, if you’re not a hunter, the combat experience is annoying. Takes ages to burn through defensive cooldowns and healing, and you often need to do that multiple times to take down a single player.
It’s too hard to kill players even if they have no idea what they are doing. Single button press full immunities are becoming the norm for defensive design.

I have had at least 10 decently matched team flag map BGs end in a draw recently with flag carriers surviving full stacks with 2 healers bombing them on both teams.
Before that, I could probably count on one hand how many times I have seen a BG end in a draw, and I’ve been spamming random BGs in this game for a long time.

Dead? No.
Boring? A little bit.

Even in RBG, I played against a team with 3 MW and a guardian. Full stacks, but the cocoon and revival rotation was granting immortality to this bear. We won that match with 1 second left on the clock because they jumped off the roof and took a bunch of falling damage. Damage reduction defensives do not work against falling damage. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was bound to happen when the lead dev only cares about reputation and M+. There is some weird kind of hatred towards pvp’ers and casuals from that faction of sweaties.


Honestly can’t remember the last time a Blue posted here.

And no new BG since the end of Legion isn’t helping their case.

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Solo players are getting tired of queing into premades in reg bgs. So the playerbase is dieing


This is the mega-indicator to me that the casual bgs community is deader than a doornail… There’s like 3 main premade teams now… I said up above that 5 - 10 years ago, I could play 20+ epics on a Saturday and never see the same name twice on our team or opposing team. The fact that horde pugs are now facing Bearyy/Auggy premades literally 11 times in a row around midnight server shows that the community has been totally annihilated… One would think that 10 years ago, Horde pugs would be facing Auggy premades like once every 5 - 10 games… not literally 11 games in a row… Thats a HUGE red flag and indicator of the dwindling community…


after the 12th beary premade in a row last night, i just threw up my hands and gave up. from 10 pm west coast time and on there is literally only one game running now since this single premade has driven horde away enmass. such baloney.

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Seems as though it does not matter which faction I play - the pugs I join usually meet up against a pre-made…Yeah fun times.

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I recommend playing Blitz. I can’t do random or epic battlegrounds anymore due to the premades.


That’s the damn truth. I’d rather blitz all night than que into that crap.


It’s hard now as healer in bgs, flag carry maps are trash because of the debuff and usually that’s when a rogue or hunter comes into the picture. Damage anymore is atrocious to heal through, rets using bubble to push offense with no damage mitigation, stupid PvP pots that increase damage by 30%, the micro cc, trinket is pointless majority of the time.

I think all the micro cc needs pruned, trinket should make you immune to cc for a duration, give healers a buff in bgs like berserker.


I started playing around mid WotLK… I have never, seen… PVP chat so toxic… It’s like mind numbing how over it people are… Totally raging… “Time to switch games”, “BLANK this game” etc etc unsubbing left and right… This is exacerbated by the fact that the ally premades are now getting people onto the horde teams for the same games for additional cheating… there’s always 1 or 2 now and they don’t even try to hide that fact at all taunting the horde team as its getting annihilated by the premade lol’ing. Its just absolutely warped… Its so warped, I don’t even know what to compare it too and have never seen anything like it in a video game before; its like uncharted territory of warped-ness. Maybe the epic ally premade teams are all living in the same mental institution and thats how they came together… a cadre of taunting, psychopaths with serious mommy issues.

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See, a premade is real easy in this desperate part of WoW, turns you from hunted into hunter (yeah), you go an’ hunt somebody down, wait a minute, ah, somebody said fair warning, Lord, Lord, strike that poor boy down

Sometimes the win traders dont verbally berate ppl, they just walk around with most of their gear unequiped in a BGB.

i had a ebg av a few weaks ago when enemy team was avm mesocringey and on my teem a mage lusted and icewall half of us in starting area when gatez opened



30 to 40 mins sometimes upto 50 mins for BG nowdays. All I want to do is gear up my alts and collect some mogs but seem impossible right now.

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The player base is also nearly halved of what the game was in it’s prime and it’s spread out across far too many servers to really be viable. I’ve said several times that blizzard should condense servers down to allow a larger player base exposure to each other. I feel like they hold on to the idea that these old accounts could return(I came back off of a 12 year hiatus) but I played with 14 other people regularly and none of them plan on coming back. They need to condense.

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Servers don’t really matter anymore though, and even less so in the next expansion. All group content other than Mythic raids before the HoF fills can be done x-server, all queued content pulls from the entire region, you can trade x-server now and in TWW you will have x-server guilds. Other than like, getting stuff crafted or the amount of people standing around AFK in hubs, there will really be no difference in what server you play on.